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51+ Creative Cancer Slogans

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease, and accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths (source:

The number of people suffering from this disease is rising at a higher pace than ever. We need to create awareness among people regarding this disease so that they can take necessary measures to stay away from this disease. Also, we should stand with the people living with cancer.

In this post, we are sharing Cancer slogans for public awareness and to support those who are living with this disease.


Cancer Slogans


Fighting Cancer Every Step of the Way

cancer slogans-Fighting Cancer Every Step of the Way

Got Purple?


Don’t count the days, Make the days count

cancer slogans-Don’t count the days. Make the days count

Let’s all pray for a cure for all CANCERS


Never give up HOPE

cancer slogans-Never give up HOPE

Together we can beat it


Fight like a girl


It came, We fought, I WIN

cancer slogans-It came. We fought. I WIN

Cancer messed with the wrong girl


Cancer, a word, not a sentence


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Stand up, Stand strong, Stand together

cancer slogans-Stand up. Stand strong. Stand together

Believe there is a hope for a CURE


Someone I love needs a CURE


Keep calm & fight the Cancer


Kick Cancer before it kicks you


Live long & fight Cancer


Resist Cancer


It’s all about you and your Will


Keep calm & Carry on


Cancer is not a game!


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Our goal is a cure for Cancer


Together we can save more lives


Early detection saves lives


Join the fight


I will never give up HOPE


Cancer sucks


Fight the fight. Find the CURE


We’re all affected by cancer. We can all do something to help


Silence is cancer’s best FRIEND


I fight for my wife


Give cancer the Boot


Keep calm and fight with cancer


A HOPE is the medicine for all the diseases


Hey cancer you pick the wrong bitch


Boobies Make Me Smile


Never Give Up Hope


The best protection is early detection


Think pink


Wear pink for my MOM


I walk for my sister


Beat Brest Cancer


Save the hooters


Fight like a girl


Feel it and fight for it


It’s all about cancer


Hey cancer, you picked the wrong girl


Think pink and live happily


Join us in this fight


Awareness is the first step


Motivational Cancer Slogans


There is a ‘can’ in Cancer because we can beat it!


Cancer is a word, not a sentence. I Am Strong.


Don’t you dare give up!


Cancer is an ugly disease, but the beauty of life after cancer is worth fighting for


Make a decision to live and fight


Giving up is not an option


Fight till you win!


Fight cancer with hope


Keep calm & Fight cancer


I gave cancer a high five in the face with my fist


Fight cancer in all colors


Cancer Slogans for t-shirts


Go. Fight. Cure.


Cancer sucks


Knock Out Cancer


Her fight is my fight


Fighting cancer, going through Chemo, and still this sexy


No one fights alone!


Puck cancer


Stronger than Cancer


Tougher than cancer


I have Chemo brain! What’s your excuse?


Nothing scares me, I survived cancer


Keep calm & Fight on


Kickin’ Cancer


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