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51 Creative & Catchy Cancer Slogans

Below are the 51 Creative & Catchy Cancer Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Fighting Cancer Every Step of the Way

cancer slogans-Fighting Cancer Every Step of the Way

Got Purple?

Don’t count the days, Make the days count

cancer slogans-Don’t count the days. Make the days count

Let’s all pray for a cure for all CANCERS

Never give up HOPE

cancer slogans-Never give up HOPE

Together we can beat it

Fight like a girl

It came, We fought, I WIN

cancer slogans-It came. We fought. I WIN

Cancer messed with the wrong girl

Cancer, a word, not a sentence

Stand up, Stand strong, Stand together

cancer slogans-Stand up. Stand strong. Stand together

Believe there is a hope for a CURE

Someone I love needs a CURE

Keep calm & fight the Cancer

Kick Cancer before it kicks you

Live long & fight Cancer

Resist Cancer

It’s all about you and your Will

Keep calm & Carry on

Cancer is not a game!

Our goal is a cure for Cancer

Together we can save more lives

Early detection saves lives

Join the fight

I will never give up HOPE

Cancer sucks

Fight the fight. Find the CURE

We’re all affected by cancer. We can all do something to help

Silence is cancer’s best FRIEND

I fight for my wife

Give cancer the Boot

Keep calm and fight with cancer

A HOPE is the medicine for all the diseases

Hey cancer you pick the wrong bitch

Boobies Make Me Smile

Never Give Up Hope

The best protection is early detection

Think pink

Wear pink for my MOM

I walk for my sister

Beat Brest Cancer

Save the hooters

Keep calm and save boobs

Boobs need our help

Fight like a girl

Feel it and fight for it

It’s all about cancer

Hey cancer, you picked the wrong girl

Think pink and live happily

Join us in this fight

Awareness is the first step

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