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Anti Drug Slogans

25 Creative and Catchy Anti-Alcohol Slogans & Sayings

Alcohol use can put your health at serious risk. Alcohol causes physical and emotional changes in the body. These changes are harmful to the body. Anti-alcohol slogans are a great tool that can be utilized in anti-alcohol awareness campaigns. 

Below is a list of 25 creative and catchy anti-alcohol slogans & sayings. Share them with your friends.

  • Rethink before drink

Anti-Alcohol Slogans-1

  • Love your family not alcohol

Anti-Alcohol Slogans-2

  • Say no to alcohol

  • Don’t drown your future with alcohol

  • Alcohol, it’s a drug too

  • Keep calm & stop drinking

  • Alcohol addiction is self destruction

  • Life can take you higher than alcohol

  • Keep calm & stay away of alcohol

  • Pregnant? Don’t drink

  • Alcohol free is the way to be

  • Keep calm & avoid alcohol

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  • Time to quit alcohol

  • Kick it before it kicks you

Anti-Alcohol Slogans-4

  • Thinking, a better option than drinking

Anti-Alcohol Slogans-3

  • You can quit, believe in yourself

  • Stay alive, don’t drink & drive

  • Drinking makes you look like a fool

  • Time to decline wine

  • Boozer is a looser

  • Quit for your healthy future

  • Drink less – Think more

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  • Quit and live like a lion

  • Don’t drink, read the book

  • Quitting is easy

  • Quit for your own good

  • Think – Don’t drink

  • Drinker is a looser

  • Live and let live

  • You can do it, just think of it

  • You can, if you think you can

  • Nothing is impossible

  • Throw it away before it throws you away

  • Yesterday you said tomorrow

  • Time to do it
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