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300 Latest Anti Alcohol Slogans and Unique Anti-Drinking Slogans



Anti Alcohol slogans create awareness of the negative impact of alcohol. You can use these slogans to reduce its consumption and help people quit it. I believe these anti-alcohol slogan lists can be used in campaigns, programs, social media posts, and billboards to show its bad effects on the environment. These are short catchy sentences that attract reader’s minds and lead them to positive things. So share these slogans on social media, billboards, and anti-alcohol campaigns to reduce crimes and deaths.


Anti Alcohol Slogans

  • Time to quit alcohol.
  • Rethink before drink.
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Quit for your own good.
  • Think before you drink.
  • Willingness is the key.
  • Pregnant? Don’t drink.
  • Stay sober for yourself.
  • Think – Don’t drink.
  • Easy does it, but do it.
  • Keep the plug in the jug.





Anti Drinking Slogans

Anti-drinking slogans are specially designed to save people’s lives from alcohol addiction. These short slogans after anti alcohol slogans are meaningful slogans hit people’s thought process and help them to realise how dangerous the consequences are. Post these anti drinking slogans posters on the wall to create awareness in society:

  • Alcohol affects more than just you.
  • Let’s drink and make bad choices.
  • Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive.
  • Drinking makes you look like a fool.
  • Sober driving today. Alive tomorrow.
  • Don’t start, keep a healthy heart.
  • Driving hammered will get you nailed.
  • Arrive alive, Don’t drink and drive.
  • Alcohol cost you more than just money.


Anti-Alcohol Slogans-4


Anti-Alcohol Slogans That Rhyme

Funny anti-alcohol slogans are a way to convince people to quit drinking consumption. Overcoming alcohol consumption not only saves person lives but also makes the environment healthy. So use these catchy slogans in campaigns to save humans from addiction and abuse.
Grab the best funny anti-alcohol slogans from below:

  • Keep calm & Drink ON
  • Keep calm & drink wine
  • Save water – Drink Beer
  • Say no to drugs, Yes to jugs
  • Need cash for alcohol research
  • I don’t get drunk, I get awesome
  • I have a bit of a drinking problem
  • I only drink Beer on days that end in Y
  • A meal without wine is called breakfast
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder





Anti Drug And Alcohol Slogans

Alcohol, beer, and drugs are the worst addictions in the world that are creating a negative impact on society. It is destroying the mental of society as people consume immensely. To reduce beer intake use “anti beer slogans”.

  • Sobriety is pride
  • Rum makes you dumb
  • Beat the addiction
  • Drinking is deadly
  • You booze, you lose
  • Stop harming yourself
  • Alcohol drags you down
  • Drunkenness is madness
  • alcohol, more wellness
  • Drinking is disgusting
  • Alcohol makes you weak



Funny Anti-Alcohol Slogans

Catchy Alcohol Sayings are the ones that are repeated many times and are remembered by people. I believe it shake the mind of drinkers by reminding them causes and bad impact of alcohol. To make your family and loved one happy and secure, use these Catchy Alcohol Sayings to create awareness among them:

  • We’re spicing up summer.
  • Get ready to enjoy summer.
  • It’s summer for your mouth.
  • We know how to cool you down.
  • Ice cold for a hot, hot summer.
  • This drink just screams summer.
  • Just the way summer tastes like.
  • Make your summer extra refreshing.
  • We’re what summer dreams are made of.
  • This is the summertime drink you need.
  • Add more fizz to your summer pool party.
  • Refreshing drinks to go with the season.
  • From June to August, this is what we drink.
  • We’re taking your summer drinks up a notch.
  • Summertime means downtime with a cold drink.




Anti-Alcohol Slogans For School

From my experience, saying No to alcohol is the first step for alcohol drinkers to leave it.  These slogans help people to avoid drinking and drugs. So, if you want society to stop taking intake of alcohol, then start posting “Say No to Alcohol slogans” on social media or elsewhere.

  • It’s umbrella drink season!
  • Sip on this refreshing taste.
  • Sunny days call for cool drinks.
  • It’s the season for cool drinks.
  • This is what summer’s all about.
  • Stay cool even during the summer.
  • They’re pretty and tasty. Try it.
  • Travel the world in just one sip.
  • Soothing summer with these drinks.
  • Your body needs that ice-cold treat.
  • Taste your new favorite summer drink.


Anti-Alcohol Slogans-2


Anti-Alcohol Abuse Slogans

Use stop alcohol slogans to make society aware of the harmful effects of alcohol and encourage public health campaigns. These slogans motivate people to live a healthy life by leaving alcohol addiction. It helps doctors to assist their patients and help them quit it.

Grab amazing stop alcohol slogans for drinkers:

  • Say no to Drink
  • Time to quit alcohol
  • Rethink your third drink
  • Keep calm & stop drinking.
  • Alcohol: You use, You lose
  • Love your family not alcohol
  • Come with me and be Alcohol-free
  • Don’t start, keep a healthy heart
  • Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive
  • You’re Just A Punk If You’re Drunk.




Anti Alcohol Posters With Slogans

  • Stay cool and refreshed in the summer.
  • Alcohol damage happy life.
  • Alcoholism is regretful
  • Think before each drink
  • You’re no punk so don’t drive drunk.
  • Life can take you higher than alcohol.
  • Alcohol use is life abuse.
  • Quit alcohol save money
  • The perfect drink to pair with summer.


Anti-Alcohol Question Slogans

  • Drink less – Think more.
  • We’re making summer extra refreshing.
  • Energizing refreshments coming your way!
  • Drinking and Driving: a Grave Mistake.
  • Thinking, a better option than drinking.
  • Throw it away before it throws you away.
  • Boozing leads to loosing
  • Don’t drown your future with alcohol.
  • Quit and live like a lion.
  • Alcoholism secludes you
  • Live life with sobriety
  • Fend off the heat with this summer drink.


Anti-Alcoholism Slogans

  • When you quit drinking you stop waiting.
  • Alcohol can’t rule you
  • Be the best you can be- be Alcohol free.
  • Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.
  • Rethink your third drink.
  • Strong man don’t drink
  • Don’t be booze, you have lots to lose.
  • Alcohol addiction is a self destruction.
  • Getting drunk makes your insides junk.
  • Alcohol, it’s a drug too.


Anti Drinking Alcohol Slogans

  • Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours.
  • A tree never hits an automobile except in self-defense.
  • Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive
  • I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions
  • Alcohol addiction is a self-destruction
  • If you drink and drive, you’re going to make someone cry.
  • Temporary fun with permanent consequences.
  • Don’t drown your future with alcohol
  • When alcohol takes over. You just can’t think Straight!
  • Drinking makes you look like a fool


Anti-Alcohol Campaign Slogans

Alcohol taglines are worth it These taglines convey the message of anti alcohol campaign, program or event. It highlights the meaning of events and what message they want to spread in public. Its main agenda is to create awareness among people about the problems, causes, and risks of alcohol addiction.

  • It destroys families and relationship
  • It’s a major factor in many diseases
  • Alcohol is the source of many problems
  • Get the party started without alcohol!
  • It destroys families and relationships
  • Join the movement to end alcohol abuse!
  • No more hangovers, no more regrets.
  • No more hangovers with alcohol-free drinks
  • Quit drinking and start living life soberly
  • Alcohol is a poison and it will do you harm
  • Alcohol is a downer – drink coffee instead!
  • abstain from alcohol and save your life today!
  • Drink responsibly or just don’t drink at all
  • Alcohol kills brain cells as well as liver cells
  • Hangover-free life – no more headaches or nausea


Anti-Alcohol Slogans-1


Famous Alcohol Quotes

I experience these alcohol sayings are used by public health sectors, schools, and universities to guide students on their harmful effects on human mental and physical health. Slogans are the best way to gain readers’ attention and convey their message to the target audience.

“I am more afraid of alcohol than of all the bullets of the enemy.” -Stonewall Jackson


“Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.” -George Bernard Shaw


“I wish all teenagers can filter through songs instead of turning to drugs and alcohol.” -Taylor Swift


“Wine and women do not go with song. Alcohol is the worst enemy of the imagination.” -Patrick Kavanagh


“Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs are legal, but they can hurt a lot of people.” -Ziggy Marley


“Avoid using cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs as alternatives to being an interesting person.” -Marilyn vos Savant


“Alcohol is a very patient drug. It will wait for the alcoholic to pick it up one more time.” -Mercedes McCambridge


“If I go out to dinner with you and you order wine, I leave. I won’t be around drugs and alcohol at all.” -Penn Jillette


“There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled.” -Ovid


“I think, at a certain point, it’s better for women not to have any alcohol because it can make your face, breasts and midsection get very bloated.” -Sharon Stone


Anti-Alcohol Slogans-3


What are some alcohol slogans?

  1. Time to do it.
  2. Quitting is easy.
  3. One day at a time.
  4. Courage to change.
  5. Live and let live.
  6. Say no to alcohol.
  7. Decline that wine.
  8. Boozer is a loser.
  9. First things first.
  10. You booze, you lose.


What is the quote about avoiding alcohol?

  1. “That’s all drugs and alcohol do, they cut off your emotions in the end.” -Ringo Starr
  2. “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” -Frank Sinatra
  3. “Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life’s problems.” -Matt Groening


What are some quotes about alcohol?

  1. “Drugs, alcohol and ego. They are a bad mix.” -Don Dokken
  2. “Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.” -Sammy Davis, Jr.
  3. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” -Bob Marley
  4. “I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.” -Jim Carrey
  5. “I don’t drink alcohol too late in the evening; I read a good book.” -Michael Rosbash


What is anti-alcohol campaign slogans?

  1. You booze, you cruise, you lose.
  2. You can do it, just think of it.
  3. Drunkenness is temporary suicide.
  4. Come with me and be Alcohol-free.
  5. Change is a process, not an event.
  6. Drunk driving is a killer disease.
  7. Under the influence, under arrest.
  8. You can quit, believe in yourself.
  9. Alcohol is a make-you-stupid drug.
  10. Say no to alcohol and Yes to Pizza.



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