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Anti Drug Slogans

51 Catchy Red Ribbon Week Slogans

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October. List of 51 Catchy Red Ribbon Week Slogans is given below:


Weed is a smoking gun


Don’t do weed, do Yoga


Weed is a bad deed


I like hugs, not drugs


Drugs kill you slowly


Refusing is a better choice


Delete weed and start good deeds


Mom says, avoid drugs


Take a lead, leave weed


Keep calm and avoid drugs


Weed, ruins brain


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Weedy is a greedy


Go green but never grow marijuana




Weed kills, this message is approved by GOD


Say no to drugs


Say no weed, say yes to life


Weed is not a need


Weed costs you your life


Sing songs and avoid weed


Weed is harmful for your memory


Be a good deeder, not a weeder


Weed causes anxiety


Weed is a bad thing


We want you to avoid drugs


Weed, sexual capacity reducer


Be smart – Don’t start


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Don’t want an ugly mug? Stay off the drug


Put away the drugs before drug puts you away


Kick the weed


If you wanna have money stay of the drugs, honey


If you need more cash, stop buying hash


If you smoke weed, you’ll make my heart bleed


You’ll never succeed with drugs


Smoking weed is a bad deed


You can’t become a sportsmen, if you do drugs


Only goofies do drugs


Weed is not a problem solver


Weed user is a looser


Say no to drugs, say it to all


Drug user is a looser


Drug abuse is of no use


One life – One chance – Avoid Drugs


Make healthy choices


Kick it before it kicks you


Say yes to life, say no to drugs


Me and my drug free life


We want a drug free nation


Save future generations


Stand up against drugs


Keep calm and stay away from weed


Weed kills you slowly

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