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20 Creative Anti Marijuana Slogans & Sayings

Anti Marijuana slogans for anti Marijuana awareness campaigns and to help those who want to quit this habit. Also best for class assignments and projects.

Marijuana has very worst effects on health and can lead to many diseases. We need to create awareness among people regarding the bad effects of Marijuana on health.

In these campaigns, these slogans can be used. Slogans, being short & memorable, can help to spread the message more effectively.


Anti Marijuana Slogans


Marijuana: You use, you lose

Be a good deeder, not a weeder

Anti-Marijuana Slogans-2


Say no weed, say yes to life


Marijuana kills you slowly

Anti-Marijuana Slogans-1


Delete weed and start good deeds


Sing songs and avoid weed


Don’t get high on drugs get high on grades


Don’t you wanna stop marijuana


Take a lead, leave weed


Weed user is a looser


There’s nothing more wrong than hitting that bong


Marijuana is harmful for your memory


Weed is a smoking gun


Marijuana kills, this message is approved by GOD


Weed is a bad deed


Save the drama, don’t do marijuana


Weedy is a greedy

Anti-Marijuana Slogans-3


Go green but never grow marijuana


Weed causes anxiety


Who says being a quitter is a bad thing?


Weed, sexual capacity reducer


I like hugs, not drugs


Weed is not a need


Weed costs you your life


Don’t do weed, do Yoga


Weed is not a problem solver


Put the ash in the trash


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