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Safety Slogans

35 Catchy Bike Safety Slogans


  • Ride safe so you can ride again


  • Better late than dead on time


  • Bike is for two not for too many

  • Look Twice – Save A Biker

  • Keep calm & Have a safe trip

  • Gear up for safety!


  • Be alert–accidents hurt

  • No safety – know pain, know safety – no pain

  • The safe way is the right way

  • Speed limit…just trim it. Don’t break the law!!!

  • Over Speeding is stupid

  • If you got a head, u need a helmet!

  • Speed thrills but kills

  • Cool on bike but safety first

  • Safety first then drive

  • Wear helmet else answer in the court

  • Look twice. Drive nice.

  • Safety is gainful, accident is painful

  • Respect the road, don’t drink & drive

  • Bike safety rule # 1: Wear a helmet!

  • Lights on! Be safe, Be seen

  • Let’s look out for each other

  • No excuses, wear a helmet

  • Be aware, stay alive

  • Helmet keeps away your hell mate

  • Stay super safe

  • Don’t learn by accident!

  • Wear helmets, ride safely!

  • Y U No Wear Helmet?

  • A helmet on your head will keep you away from a hospital bed!

  • Protect your head or end up dead

  • Even the slowest animal knows how important a helmet is

  • Keep calm & Helmet on

  • Better to be safe than to be sorry!

  • Protect your head – you may not get a second one

  • Wear helmet, drive safe & slow