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30 Best Head Safety Slogans



Many deaths have been reported due to head injuries during work. These deaths may have been avoided if proper precautions to keep head safe were taken. The main reason behind the carelessness is not being aware of the consequences.

Head Safety Slogans

We need to create awareness among people regarding the importance of safety in general and importance of head safety in particular. For this purpose we have gathered a list of 30 Best head safety slogans for you. You can use them on posters/banners and display them in the places where accidents can happen. They will act as a reminder to people to make themselves safe. Don’t forget to share them with your friends.


If you got a head, u need a helmet!


If you’ve got brain, wear a helmet

A helmet on your head will keep you away from a hospital bed!

Keep working and wear your hard hat


Hard hats protect your smart mind

Better to be safe than to be sorry!

Protect your head or end up dead

Helmets save lives!


Use your head – Use a helmet

I want you to put your hard hat on

Be safe – Not Sorry

Protect your head – you may not get a second one

Even the slowest animal knows how important a helmet is

Your head is in your hands, Protect it

Love your head, love your family

Your head, your best tool, take care of it

Use your eyes to protect your head

Start with safe head, finish with safe head

Head safety is up to you

Use your brain to protect your head

You can’t live without your head, protect it first

Take steps to make your head safer

Protect your head – Protect your future

Head safety first

Keep calm and make your head safe

Stop acting like you’re a super hero, Protect your head

Always use helmet during work

Always put your head first

Head safety first, not the job

Using hard hat is a wise choice


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