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42 Catchy Food Safety Slogans

Below are the 42 Catchy Food Safety Slogans. Share them with your friends.

  • Food safety and sanitation, for a healthier nation

  • Be food safe

  • Keep it cool is a golden rule

  • Safe food saves life


  • Safe food – be safe, be healthy, be well

  • Get serious about food safety


  • Focus on food safety

  • From Farm to plate, make food safe


  • Nuke it or Puke it

  • Eat it clean

  • Keep It Clean, If You Know What I mean

  • If you can’t eat it – leave it!


  • Oral Safety – It’s up to you!

  • Not safe, don’t eat

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of

  • Safety Smile Says ‘Eat Safely’

  • Eat what’s on your plant not what’s on the floor

  • Eat food, not toys

  • Clean food, good life

  • You are the key for your food safety

  • Food safety first, forget the rest

  • Always be careful

  • Food safety is gainful

  • Stay away from junk food

  • Get serious about food safety

  • Food safety first!

  • Food safety, a responsibility to share

  • Food safety is the best policy

  • Don’t eat it please

  • Always wash your hands, pots and pans

  • Don’t touch the pot, it might be hot

  • Quality matters not Quantity


  • Always check the expiry date

  • Food safety first, forget the rest

  • Good food for Healthy Future

  • Keep food safe

  • Give your children clean food

  • I love fresh food

  • Eat clean

  • It’s all about quality, not quantity

  • Keep food safe from bacteria

  • Safe food = Healthy food