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250 Best Food Safety Slogans & Promotional Food Safety Sayings



We are what we eat. This is why food safety is the most important thing. To spread awareness and consciousness regarding food safety among your employees, use Food Safety Slogans, conduct workshops and seminars, and start a discussion on how to maintain food safety in your kitchen and how to keep improving it.



Best Food Safety Slogans

  • I love fresh food
  • Always wash your hands, pots and pans
  • Don’t touch the pot, it might be hot
  • Food safety is gainful
  • Clean food, good life
  • Not safe, don’t eat
  • It’s all about quality, not quantity
  • Eat it clean
  • Oral Safety – It’s up to you!




Key Takeaways

  1. Stay safe, eat smart
  2. Good food, good life
  3. Safe food saves life
  4. Food safety is priority
  5. Always be careful
  6. Clean food, healthy mood
  7. Food with passion
  8. Clean food, clear conscience
  9. Safe food saves lives.
  10. Every meal counts




Food Safety Sayings

  • Food safety first, forget the rest
  • Safe food = Healthy food
  • You are the key for your food safety
  • Safety Smile Says ‘Eat Safely’
  • Food safety, a responsibility to share
  • If you can’t eat it – leave it!
  • Safe food – be safe, be healthy, be well
  • Be food safe
  • Stay away from junk food




Food Cleanliness And Safety Slogan

  • Don’t eat it please
  • Keep it cool is a golden rule
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
  • Keep food safe
  • Keep It Clean, If You Know What I mean
  • Safe food saves life
  • Nuke it or Puke it
  • Focus on food safety
  • Food safety first, forget the rest




Slogan Poster Food Safety

  • Good food for Healthy Future
  • Keep food safe from bacteria
  • Get serious about food safety
  • Food safety is the best policy
  • Food safety first!
  • Get serious about food safety
  • Food safety and sanitation, for a healthier nation




Food Hygiene Food Safety Slogans

  • From Farm to plate, make food safe
  • Always check the expiry date
  • Quality matters not Quantity
  • Eat food, not toys
  • Eat clean
  • Give your children clean food
  • Eat what’s on your plant not what’s on the floor
  • Always be careful




Here is how to maintain Food Safety in your kitchen. We hope you will follow these precautions. Stay safe, Stay healthy.

  • Cleanliness—Wash surfaces and hands frequently.
  • Keep apart; avoid cross-contamination.
  • With a food thermometer, cook food to the appropriate temperatures.
  • Quickly chill—refrigerate.
  • After choosing your nonperishables, buy chilled or frozen goods.
  • Never select meat or poultry that is in leaking or ripped packaging.
  • After the “Use-By,” or other expiry dates, do not purchase food.
  • Perishable food should always be refrigerated within two hours (or one hour if the heat is above 90 °F).
  • During two days, prepare or freeze raw poultry, fish, minced meats, and various types of meat; prepare or freeze other beef, veal, lamb, or pork within three to five days.
  • Use a thermometer to check the settings in your freezer and refrigerator. The deep freezer should be at 0 °F or lower, and the refrigerator should be at 40 °F or less.
  • Anything perishable, like meat and poultry, should be wrapped tightly to preserve quality and stop meat juices from contaminating other foods.
  • When storing poultry and meat in their original packaging, rewrap the container in freezer-safe paper or plastic wrap to preserve quality.
  • Cold Water—Put food in a wet plastic bag to speed up defrosting. Dunk in ice-cold tap water. Every 30 minutes, change the water. Immediately after defrosting, cook.
  • When thawing poultry or meat in the microwave, cook it right away.
  • Before and after dealing with food, always wash your hands using soap and hot water for 20 seconds.
  • A refrigerated covered dish is where you should marinate meat and poultry.
  • Grounded meats:Using a food thermometer, cook all uncooked ground beef, hog, lamb, and veal until the internal temperature reaches 160 °F.



What are the slogans for food safety?

Here are a few examples of Slogans for food safety.

  • Your health is in your plates
  • Always check the expiry date.
  • Keep it clean in the kitchen.
  • Give your children clean food.
  • Always check the ingredients.
  • Get serious about food safety
  • Keep it cool is a golden rule
  • Safety is our No. 1 Priority.
  • Food safety, a responsibility to share.
  • Cook it with care, well done not rare.
  • We ensure your health while you eat.
  • You are the key for your food safety
  • Elevate your food, elevate your life
  • If it smells bad, put it in the bag.


What is the best food safety slogan?

Here are the best food safety slogans for you to choose from.

  • Stay alert to avoid getting hurt.
  • Don’t let bacteria spoil your fun
  • Keeping it cool is a golden rule.
  • Food safety first, forget the rest
  • Your food, our responsibility.
  • Food quality not Food quantity
  • Their health is in your hands.
  • From Farm to plate, make food safe
  • Safety Smile Says ‘Eat Safely’
  • Cleanliness is next to food safety
  • Cook food right for a happy night.
  • Keep your food safe, keep your health intact
  • Food safety is cheaper than a hospital visit.
  • Cook that chicken unless you want to be sick.
  • Food safety keeps everyone happy and healthy.



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