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50 Creative Hand Safety Slogans



Many people loose their hands while performing their jobs. Some loose one or more fingers and many cases have been reported in which worker looses his whole hand. Upon investigation, it has been found that the in majority of the cases, infected ppersonnel was not observing safety precautions. Careless behavior leads them to severe accidents and then they have to spend their remaining life as handicapped and by cursing themselves.

There is a need to create awareness among factory workers regarding the importance of safety and how they can save themselves and their hands from accidents. For this purpose it is a good idea to display posters with catchy slogans within the shop or working area so that they can serve as a reminder for them. Else safety awareness campaigns can be run aannually for the same purpose.

Hand Safety Slogans

Keeping in mind the importance of safety and to help people save from accidents, we are presenting hand safety slogans in this blog post. Feel free to use them on safety posters, banners, shirts, t shirts etc.


Fingers are precious, don’t ignore – or they could end up on the floor


Your 10 best tools, take care of them

Use your eyes to protect your hands


Your hand is your most important tool – Protect it!

Start with safe hands, finish with safe hands

Use your wits, use padded mitts

Working safely protect your hands

A safe hand is a winning hand


Hand safety is up to you

Safety fits like a glove

Use your brain to protect your hands

Thumbs up for hand safety

Your beautiful hand also requires safety

Protect your hands, protect your family


Your hands are in your hands

Life without hands is not easy, take care of them

Quality and safety go hand in hand

I want you to put your gloves right now

Kick the pain, protect your hands

Hand safety is in your hands


Protect only the fingers you want to keep!

It’s in your hand

Take steps to make your hands safer

Your hands are your main tools, take care of them

Stop! Your hand is near a pinch point

Imagine your life without your hands

Protect your hands – Protect your future

Safety is in my hand

Shut up and protect your hands

We love your hands, please protect it!

Your hands are the key of your safety

Protect your hands, you work with them

Hand safety: Do it, Do it right, Do it right now

Hand safety is your business

Hand safety first

I want you to protect your hands

Everyone has a hand in safety

Keep calm and make your hands safe

Stop acting like you’re a super hero, Protect your hands

Use safety gloves during work

Love them, Protect them

Always protect your hands from sharp edges

Hands up, Wear your gloves

Don’t lose your touch, Protect your hands!

Always put your hands first

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Love your hands, protect your hands

You are nothing without your hands, take care of them

Protect your hands, you hold your child with them

Hand safety first, not the job

Using safety gloves is the wise choice


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