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23 Catchy Badminton Slogans

Badminton is a recreational and easy to learn sport that is being played in many countries. Like other sports, health benefits are also associated with badminton. Badminton slogans can be used to motivate the team players and to inspire the fans. These slogans and sayings can also be used on T-shirts, shirts, posters and banners to make the team name memorable.

A huge collection of Badminton slogans, taglines, motto’s, baselines, strap lines and signatures  is given below:


Fastest bird in the world

Let’s fly with it

Full of concentration and joy

Make your racket strings stronger

Smash me with your hot shot

There is nothing bad in badminton

Badminton, take it serious

My love, let’s play badminton

Badminton, no less than Ninja

Smash it and win it

Never give up, its badminton

Play with badminton Attitude

Badminton is in my heart

Keep calm and smash hard

Smash like a champion

Can you make a bird fly?

I love you and badminton

Stop looking at my shuttlecock

Shuttlecock like a boss

It required Guts

Keep calm and play badminton

Catch the shuttlecock

In badminton, they use a lot from the wrist. But I use a lot from the shoulder.