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42 Creative Eye Safety Slogans



Eye protection is easy, eyes are priceless


Wear safety glasses, foresight is better than no sight

Your eyes are in your hands

If you got eyes, u need safety glasses!


Keep working and wear your safety glasses

Better to be safe than to be sorry!


Protect your eyes or end up blind

Use your head – Use safety glasses

I want you to put your safety glasses on

Be safe – Not Sorry

Protect your eyes – you may not get them again

Love your eyes, love your future

Your eyes, your best tool, take care of them

Start with safe eyes, finish with safe eyes

Take steps to make your eyes safer

Eye safety first

Keep calm & Safety glasses ON

Keep calm & make your eyes safe

Always put your eyes first

Eye safety first, not the job

Using safety glasses is a wise choice

Your eyes are your most important tools – Protect them!

Eye safety is up to you

Thumbs up for eye safety

Life without eyes is not easy, take care of them

I want you to put on your safety glasses right now

Imagine your life without your eyes

Shut up and protect your eyes

Eye safety: Do it, Do it right, Do it right now

Keep calm & wear safety glasses

Love your eyes, protect your eyes

Hands up, Wear safety glasses

You are nothing without your eyes, take care of them

Protect your eyes, you see your child with them

Caution: Safety glasses required

Keep calm & always wear safety glasses

Protect your eyes, wear safety glasses

Save your eyes, wear safety glasses

Keep calm & Wear goggles

Y U No Wear Safety Glasses?

Wear safety goggles or go home

Stay safe, wear safety glasses


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