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Safety Slogans

42 Creative Eye Safety Slogans

  • Eye protection is easy, eyes are priceless


  • Wear safety glasses, foresight is better than no sight

  • Your eyes are in your hands

  • If you got eyes, u need safety glasses!


  • Keep working and wear your safety glasses

  • Better to be safe than to be sorry!


  • Protect your eyes or end up blind

  • Use your head – Use safety glasses

  • I want you to put your safety glasses on

  • Be safe – Not Sorry

  • Protect your eyes – you may not get them again

  • Love your eyes, love your future

  • Your eyes, your best tool, take care of them

  • Start with safe eyes, finish with safe eyes

  • Take steps to make your eyes safer

  • Eye safety first

  • Keep calm & Safety glasses ON

  • Keep calm & make your eyes safe

  • Always put your eyes first

  • Eye safety first, not the job

  • Using safety glasses is a wise choice

  • Your eyes are your most important tools – Protect them!

  • Eye safety is up to you

  • Thumbs up for eye safety

  • Life without eyes is not easy, take care of them

  • I want you to put on your safety glasses right now

  • Imagine your life without your eyes

  • Shut up and protect your eyes

  • Eye safety: Do it, Do it right, Do it right now

  • Keep calm & wear safety glasses

  • Love your eyes, protect your eyes

  • Hands up, Wear safety glasses

  • You are nothing without your eyes, take care of them

  • Protect your eyes, you see your child with them

  • Caution: Safety glasses required

  • Keep calm & always wear safety glasses

  • Protect your eyes, wear safety glasses

  • Save your eyes, wear safety glasses

  • Keep calm & Wear goggles

  • Y U No Wear Safety Glasses?

  • Wear safety goggles or go home

  • Stay safe, wear safety glasses