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23 Catchy Ladder Safety Slogans

Below are the 23 Catchy Ladder safety slogans. Share them with your friends.


Don’t fix the blame, fix the problem

Broken ladder can be replaced. You can’t

Don’t risk a fall, Use ladders properly

Do not overreach on a ladder

Say no to damaged ladder

Use a ladder when it’s needed. Avoid slip and fall

Always maintain 3 points of contact with the ladder


Climb ladder slowly and use both hands


Use both hands on ladder at all times

Ladder safety: Take your next step with care

Inspect your ladder before you use it


Broken rungs – broken bones

Ladder safety is gainful, accident is painful

Where do you stand for safety?

Think twice before climbing on ladder

When on a ladder never step back to admire your work

Don’t put a ladder on a slippery floor, this rule you must not ignore

The view is better at the top if you practice ladder safety

Ladder safety has it’s own ups and downs

Stop accidents before they stop you

Be safe to reach on top

Don’t fall short of a safe day!

Stay alert, don’t get hurt


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