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25 Best Anorexia Slogans

Below are the 25 Best Anorexia Slogans . Share them with your friends. 


Skinny is Out, Fit is in

Food is good

Food Does Your Body Good

Be Healthy, Not Hungry

Who Wants a Stick When You Can Have a Curvy Chick?

Love Yourself. It’s Good for Your Health

Grin in your skin

Think don’t shrink

Within don’t be thin

Bring something sweet to eat

Don’t be rude, eat your food

It isn’t “in” to be thin

Thin? Don’t begin

Shop for the real size top

Smile for the real style

Smile for a while

No more bones

Real women have curves

Love the body God gave you

Be healthy not dead

Ditch the thin, fit your skin

Why be flat when you can be fat?

Happy meal hunnies!

Dying to be thin

Always hope

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