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57 Best and Catchy Vegetarian Slogans

Instead of killing animals for their meat and fur, it is better to eat vegetables. Below is a list of 57 best and catchy vegetarian slogans. Share them with your friends.


I’m proud to be a vegetarian

Leave meat, change your life

Hug a vegetarian

Vegetarian Slogans-2


Love animals, eat plants

Animals love me–plants fear me

Vegetarian, no blood on my hands

Vegetarian Slogans-3


Feed it, don’t eat it

Live green and go green

Save animals – Be vegetarian

Free animals – Eat vegetables

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Be a cow boy not a cow eater

Vegetarian Slogans-4


If something have heart beat then don’t eat it

Keep calm and vegan on

Vegetarian taste better

Vegetarians save lives

This earth for all of us so go Vegan

I am vegetarian why you not?

Vegetarian Slogans-5


I love animals-just not for dinner

Vegetarian Slogans-1


Don’t ask me why I’m a vegetarian-ask yourself why you’re not

I am vegan because I have heart in my body

Stop animal testing

Animals are our friends not our food

Thing vegetarian, go vegetarian

I am vegetarian, I save lives

For animals rights, be a vegetarian

Kick out the meat from your life

My body will not be a tomb for other animals

Hug a vegetarian

Animals are my friends and i don’t eat my friends

Beef: it’s what’s rotting in your colon

Fish is not a vegetable

Vegetarian because i know better

Animals die to keep your fat *** alive

How can you be pro-life and eat dead animals

I think therefore I am vegetarian

Vegetarianism for peace–nonviolence begins with your diet

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I’m not a vegetarian because i love animals–I’m a vegetarian because i hate plants

If you aren’t a vegetarian you don’t know beans

Live and let live–go veg*n

If you’re not vegetarian you’re guilty of animal cruelty whether you know it or not

Animals love me–plants fear me

Vegan food is delicious too

I don’t eat my friends

Meat is Murder! Delicious murder

Fish Are Friends Not Food!

If You Eat Mice You Get No Rice!

Peace, love, vegetarian

I don’t have death on my breath – Go vegan

Only cowards eat the meat of a living thing

Veganism is as good as it gets

Only hypocrites eat meat and say they love animals

It feels good to be a vegetarian

Make peace not sausages

Avoid the meat, try some beets?

Eat beets not meats

Love animals, don’t wear them

Vegan: Stop specialism

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