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Anti Drug Slogans

22 Creative Anti-Cocaine Slogans

Cocaine is an extremely addictive and poisonous drug. Using cocaine can cause serious health problems and may lead to death. Health complications from cocaine use include heart attack, depression, chest pain, stroke, nausea, weight loss, increase heart rate etc. We have to raise our voice against cocaine use. Anti-cocaine slogans can be used for this purpose.

Below is a list of 22 Creative Anti-Cocaine Slogans:


  • Better to abstain from Cocaine

Anti-Cocaine Slogans-1

  • Cool dudes hate Cocaine

  • Be smart – Don’t start

Anti-Cocaine Slogans-2

  • Don’t mess your brain with cocaine

Anti-Cocaine Slogans-3

  • Make healthy choices, say no to Cocaine

  • Drug free life, the best life

  • Do it before its too late

Anti-Cocaine Slogans-4

  • Stop it for life

  • Stay Cocaine free

  • Stop today – Live tomorrow

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  • Cocaine isn’t cool

  • Quit & Stay healthy

  • Learn to refuse the Cocaine use

  • Cocaine is insane

  • Live and let live

  • Quit and live like a Lion

  • Time to decline Cocaine

  • Kick it before it kicks you

  • Time to quit Cocaine

  • Cocaine kills

  • Say no to Cocaine, say yes to life

  • Cocaine makes you insane