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299 Latest Anti-Cocaine Slogans and Unique Anti-Cocaine Sayings



Cocaine is a highly addictive and poisonous drug. Cocaine can cause serious health problems and may lead to death. Health complications from cocaine use, include heart attack, depression, chest pain, stroke, nausea, weight loss, increased heart rate, etc. In this post, I am presenting anti-Cocaine slogans that can be used in anti-Cocaine awareness campaigns.



Catchy Anti-Cocaine Slogans

Use these anti-cocaine slogans to raise awareness of its harmful effects.

  • Cocaine kills
  • Stop it for life
  • Stay Cocaine free
  • Cocaine is insane
  • Live and let live
  • Cocaine isn’t cool
  • Hell Yeah! Cocaine!
  • Quit & Stay healthy
  • Time to quit Cocaine
  • Rehab is for Quitters
  • Drugs take your future
  • Be smart – Don’t start
  • Time to decline Cocaine
  • Cool dudes hate Cocaine
  • Cocaine makes you insane
  • Keep calm & Stop Cocaine
  • Quit and live like a Lion


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Catchy No Cocaine Slogans

To highlight the awareness of cocaine in the world, I have listed meaningful, small, catchy no cocaine slogans. To drag people’s lives out of danger by printing these slogans on posters, banners, and chartboards. These short phrases are designed to raise voices against cocaine addiction.

Why not try these catchy no cocaine slogans in anti-cocaine programs and campaigns?

  • I’m too smart to do drugs!
  • Keep your mind free and clean
  • Quit now before it’s too late
  • Cocaine gives you wrinkles.
  • Don’t Be High, Just Say Hi!
  • I’m more fun without cocaine.
  • Cocaine gives you bad breath.
  • Say no to drugs, and yes to life
  • Simply saying no is all it takes
  • Fight Back, You Can Resist This!
  • Don’t let drugs control your life
  • One Puff And Poof! You’re Wasted.
  • Be smart, be safe, say no to drugs
  • You’re worth more than you think
  • Cocaine is a crutch, not a cure.
  • No thanks, I don’t need cocaine!
  • Dreams Don’t Come True In A Sniff.


Anti-Cocaine Slogans-3


Stop-Cocaine Slogans

Cocaine addiction is destroying people’s lives gradually and killing the will of fire in them. In such a situation, you can play the role of savor. By sharing Stop cocaine slogans to rescue people from depression, anxiety, stress, and heart attack.

Take the first step to reduce cocaine intake by spreading stop cocaine slogans in the community.

  • Cope Safely, Don’t Do Drugs.
  • Don’t Drug Your Dreams Away.
  • Save Your Job, Save Yourself.
  • Stressed or Depressed, Drugs 
  • Coffee Can Keep You Awake Too.
  • Weed Takes Everything You Need.
  • There Is Danger In Wanting More
  • Starting Early Is Still Too Late
  • Learn To Say No, Learn To Let Go
  • Drug Abuse Is A Cruel, Slow Death
  • Trust The News, Refuse Drug Abuse
  • Weed-out Drugs, You’re Successful.
  • Look For Opportunities, Not Drugs.
  • Be a Workaholic, Not a Drug Addict.
  • Don’t Buy Yourself A Health Problem
  • One Puff Is One Step Closer To Death
  • Don’t Cage Your Age In A Time of Rage
  • Joy in Joints Is A Scam, Don’t Buy It
  • You Don’t Need To Be High To Cheer Up.




Funny Cocaine Slogans

Funny cocaine slogans are catchy, cool, entertaining phrases that lighten the mood of the reader.  It speaks about illegal drugs and cocaine consumption. The government use these slogans to make society aware of the causes, risks, and potential health problems of cocaine.

So grab the funny cocaine slogans in campaigns, anti-cocaine programs etc, to raise awareness in society.

  • Don’t Hide, We Can See You.
  • Don’t Puff Your Dreams Away.
  • Don’t Puff Away Your Future.
  • Look Away And Have A Great Day.
  • Stay Awake, Don’t Sleep Drugged.
  • A Drugged Mind Is A Fooled Soul.
  • M in Meth stands for Meaningless.
  • They Said Stay At Home Not Do Drugs.
  • Sober and Sane, Druggies Can’t Relate!
  • Run Away Like Your Life Depends On It!
  • Chase Your Dreams, Not the Drug Pusher.
  • If It’s Cool, It Won’t Make You A Fool.
  • Drugs Are Not An Escape, They’re A Trap.
  • If You’ll Use Drugs, Drugs Will Use You.
  • Fail the Meth Test, Pass Your Math Test.
  • Drugs Tricks A Free Man To Crave Slavery.
  • Drug Addicts Always Wish They Knew Better.


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Anti-Cocaine Slogans-1


Anti-Cocaine Taglines

Anti-cocaine taglines can be used in anti-cocaine campaigns, programs and events. To highlight its causes and risks, taglines are worth it to make society drug-free. Make the environment safe and healthy by reducing cocaine addiction in the community.

Reduce deaths and criminal acts by posting anti-cocaine taglines.

  • Nose candy is not so sweet!
  • Drug-free is the way to be!
  • Keep your mind off of cocaine!
  • Free your nose, say no to coke!
  • Smoking dope is not how you cope
  • Start living, stop doing cocaine
  • sniffing coke will make you broke
  • Know your limits, don’t do cocaine!
  • You’re worth more than white powder!
  • Dope is for dopes and you’re no dope
  • You do cocaine, you’re not in the know
  • Don’t be a fool, stay away from cocaine!
  • Get involved, fight against cocaine use!
  • I tried cocaine once, I was twice as nice
  • better safe than sorry, so don’t do coke!
  • Don’t do drugs, and you won’t become a dad
  • Do cocaine and you’re gonna end up in jail
  • more cash in your pocket, less up your nose
  • Drugs are not the answer, say no to cocaine!
  • Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right




Stop-Cocaine Taglines

I believe stop-cocaine taglines should be used in social media, posters, banners, billboards and videos. Its continued usage will make society clean from crimes and diseases. Cocaine addiction reduces the life span of one.

Be a responsible citizen of the community by sharing stop-cocaine taglines.

  • Drugs Ruin Everything.
  • Choose Hugs, Not Drugs.
  • Find Your Natural High.
  • Choose Life, Not Drugs.
  • Hugs Heal, Drugs Steal.
  • Winners Don’t Use Drugs.
  • Drugs are Not the Answer.
  • Drugs Are a Dead End Road.
  • Live Free, Live Drug-Free.
  • Drugs: The Ultimate Detour.
  • Stay Strong, Stay Drug-Free
  • Drug-Free and Be Yourself.
  • Love Yourself, Say No to Drugs.
  • A Drug-Free You is a Better You.
  • Drugs Destroy, Families Rebuild.
  • Drug-Free: The Ultimate Freedom.
  • Your Family Needs You Drug-Free.
  • The Real High is a Healthy Life.
  • Say No to Drugs: Say Yes to Life.


Anti-Cocaine Slogans-2


Funny Anti-Cocaine Taglines

Funny anti-cocaine taglines are an attractive way to deal with drug addiction. Cocaine intake destroys the health and future of people. Aware the youth to make positive decisions in life by leaving drugs.

Make a healthy choice by sharing funny anti-cocaine taglines.

  • Choose Health, Not Harm.
  • Choose Freedom, Not Addiction.
  • Keep Calm and Say No to Drugs.
  • Sobriety: Your Best Life Awaits.
  • Addiction is a Trap – Break Free.
  • Addiction Steals, Recovery Heals.
  • Choose Life, Not Drugs, Every Day.
  • Life’s Best Moments are Drug-Free.
  • Life is Full of Joy without Drugs.
  • A Drug-Free Heart is a Happy Heart.
  • Addiction is a Nightmare – Wake Up!
  • Take the High Road: Stay Drug-Free.
  • Real Strength is Saying No to Drugs.
  • Real Friends Help You Stay Drug-Free.
  • Drugs are a One-Way Ticket to Despair.
  • Your Dreams are Worth More than Drugs.
  • Your Life, Your Choice: Choose Wisely.
  • Break the Chains of Addiction and Soar.
  • Your Future Deserves a Drug-Free Start.


Anti-Cocaine Slogans-4


Funny Stop-Cocaine Taglines 

After anti-cocaine slogans, here I have listed funny Stop-Cocaine Taglines. So, let’s start with these taglines that I found very helpful for social media campaigns and banners. Feel free to use these anti-cocaine slogans.

  • Wasted? So is your life
  • Think about your family
  • Keep calm & say no to drugs.
  • Refusing is a better choice.
  • You don’t have time for drugs
  • Reach for the Stars not Drugs
  • Use your brain, don’t fry it!
  • Sometimes, saying no is okay!
  • Live longer, say no to drugs.
  • A life with coke really blows.
  • Get high on Life, not on drugs
  • Drugs are not cool! Just say no.
  • Say yes to life say no to drugs.
  • Put it out before it puts you out
  • Don’t do Pot, Your brain will rot
  • I’d rather eat bugs than do drugs
  • Shoot for the Stars not your arms
  • Refusing could be a great choice.
  • Saying no is easier than stopping.




Catchy Anti-Cocaine Sayings

Cocaine sayings help people understand the side effects of it and ban its marketing in society as it destroys people health and future goals and allows them to live a purposeful life. It can posted on social media or printed on posters to make people realise how dangerous it is.

So choose the best cocaine sayings from below:

  • Cocaine eyes won’t hide your face. – Neil Young
  • When it snows in your nose, you catch cold in your brain. -Allen Ginsberg
  • We have chemical weapons in America too, they’re called meth and cocaine. -Felipe Esparza
  • This year, more people will use cocaine than will read a book to their children. -Michael Scott
  • There’s no happy ending to cocaine. You either die, you go to jail, or else you run out. -Sam Kinison
  • Don’t do drugs because if you do drugs you’ll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison. -John Hardwick
  • It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality. -Shirley Chisholm
  • We drown our doubts in dry champagne and soothe our souls with fine cocaine. I don’t know why I even care, we get so high and get nowhere. -Billy Joel
  • More than sex. More than money. You know, life is not endless is it? Cash, cars, cocaine, and girls. It’s more than that. And there is a spiritual dimension to people…we are driven to want something more. – Jeanette Winterson
  • It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality. There are more television addicts, more baseball and football addicts, more movie addicts, and certainly more alcohol addicts in this country than there are narcotics addicts. -Shirley Chisholm
  • There are only three things to say about cocaine. One, there is no such thing as enough. Two, it will never be as good as the first time. Three, those first two facts constitute a tragedy of expense in ways that can’t be experienced unless you’ve had cocaine. … Your brain will settle into a puddle around your sinuses and you will die. -Eve Babitz



Best Cocaine Sayings

  • I much prefer to be high on life than in it. – Joshua Michael Levinson
  • Don’t let them influence you into doing drugs. Be ahead of the influence.
  • You should just say no to drugs. That will drive the prices down. – Geechy Guy
  • Don’t let them trick you. It’s a death trap. Don’t let drugs take over your life.
  • Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs. -Robin McLaurin Williams
  • Drugs have taught an entire generation of American kids the metric system. – P.J. O’Rourke
  • Drug addiction is a self- punishing disease that ruins mental, psychological and physical health.
  • Addiction itself sounds like a bad word. It’s not for you, stay away from it. Make the right choice.
  • Sometimes becoming drug free has less to do with addiction and more to do with sanity. – Shane Koyczan
  • Doing drugs doesn’t make you cool; it makes you a loser. The more that you do drugs, the less you live.
  • Drug addiction reduces a man to a mindless and ridiculous thing, and creates social parasites and criminals.
  • Don’t do drugs because if you do drugs you’ll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison. – John Hardwick
  • Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem. – Kurt Cobain
  • Drugs are never an escape for pain. They drag you to your grave. You will never have this life again; don’t waste it for something as petty as drugs.
  • Don’t take drugs. Don’t think you have it under control, and you don’t. Instead, try and do the thing that gets your mind off of it. Try and read a book.
  • Drugs are merely the most obvious form of addiction in our society. Drug addiction is one of the things that undermines traditional values. – Christopher Lasch
  • But I will say that the drugs are much more ferocious then they used to be. There are people wrecking their lives with addiction, which seems much more severe. – Armistead Maupin


Anti-cocaine slogans are designed to reduce the usage of cocaine and drugs in society. Cocaine is highly addictive as it causes heart attack, stroke, depression, and chest pain to people. Not only that, it has a bad effect on people’s mental state. To create awareness among people use anti-cocaine slogans. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Anti-Cocaine Slogans


What is the importance of Anti-Cocaine Slogans?

Anti-cocaine slogans are important as they save people’s lives from cocaine addiction. Slogans are catchy phrase that alerts communities about the risk of cocaine and drug intake. Agencies, schools, and doctors believe slogans play a vital role in reducing cocaine from society as they are also used for rehabilitation purposes.



What are some good Anti-Cocaine Slogans?

Here, I have listed good anti-cocaine slogans for you:

  1. I don’t do cocaine, I prefer oxygen.
  2. Cocaine is a waste of time and money.
  3. Say no to drugs, they’re not our friends
  4. Drugs Are Not Friends, They’re Traitors.
  5. Reject drugs, they’re nothing but trouble
  6. Think twice before you pick up that joint
  7. If You Take Drugs, It Will Take Your Life.
  8. If It’s Addicting, It’s Not Life-Changing.
  9. I don’t need cocaine, I’m already awesome.
  10. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right



What is a personal slogan against substance use and abuse?

Personal slogans empower people to say no to drugs and live a drug-free life. I believe the slogan Drugs don’t just waste your money, they also waste your life will fight against substance use and abuse.



What is the slogan of International Cocaine Day?

I have listed the best slogans of international cocaine day below to create a positive impact on people:

  1. Learn to say NO.
  2. Say no to Drugs.
  3. Your life matters
  4. Say nope to dope.
  5. Too smart to start
  6. Don’t end your life
  7. Your family matters
  8. Above the Influence
  9. Keep off the Grass!
  10. Let’s Be Drug-Free.



What is the slogan for empowering youth to create a cocaine free future?

Motivating youth to live healthy with the inspiration to reach their goal is the best way. I have listed the best slogans that empower people to live a cocaine-free life:

  1. Drugs will be your doom
  2. Drugs? Say No To Drugs?
  3. Drugs: Choose not to use
  4. Drugs: You use, you lose
  5. Keep calm and avoid drugs
  6. Be proud to be drug-free.
  7. Mary Jane ruins the brain
  8. Drugs are not the answer.
  9. Be Healthy, don’t do drugs
  10. Drug-free is the way to be



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