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Anti Drug Slogans

50 Amazing Anti-Smoking Slogans

Tobacco contains over 60 known cancer-causing chemicals. Nicotine, one of them, is the addictive drug in tobacco that makes smokers to continue to smoke. Smoking causes many diseases and harms nearly every organ in the body. Many people die because of diseases caused by smoking.

Anti-Smoking Slogans

We need to create awareness among people reagarding bad effects of smoking on health. Anti-smoking campaigns are the best way to do that and to make anti-smoking campaigns more effective, we can use catchy anti-smoking slogans.

We have collected of list of 50 amazing anti-smoking slogans for these type of campaigns. You can also use them on posters, banners, t shirts etc. to play your role against this unhealthy habit. Share them with your friends.  

  • Be important, don’t be impotent

Anti-Smoking Slogans-6

  • Smoking and coughing live together

  • Smoking? It’s bullshit

  • It’s a matter of your life dude, quit now

Anti-Smoking Slogans-1

  • Smokia causes impotia

  • You can live without it

Anti-Smoking Slogans-3

  • Cool dudes don’t smoke

  • Be smart – Don’t start

  • Put it down

  • Be cool, don’t be fool

Anti-Smoking Slogans-4

  • Smokers are loosers

  • Say sorry to cigarettes

  • Stop smoking now

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  • Make it last forever

  • Stay healthy and stop smoking

  • Say no to smoking

  • Listen, your heart is begging you to quit smoking 

Anti-Smoking Slogans-2

  • Stop smoking – Start living

  • Don’t let your life be destroyed by yourself

Anti-Smoking Slogans-5

  • Say no to smoking, say yes to life

  • Your health is in your hands

  • People are haters of smokers

  • I don’t smoke coz i love myself

  • Listen to your lungs, they are crying

  • Do it before its too late

  • Smart people don’t smoke

  • Don’t burn your life with cigarettes

  • Stop calling cancer

  • It’s possible

  • Never give up giving up

  • Listen to your lungs, stop smoking

  • The best day is the quitting day

  • Stop smoking please

  • Smoke today – Weep tomorrow

  • Stop it for life

  • Throw cigaratte before cigarette throws you away

  • I love non-smokers, I mean I love healthy guys

  • Be a man, remain a man, don’t smoke

  • Quit & Stay healthy

  • Smoking isn’t cool

  • It’s easy to quit

  • Cigarette, sexual capacity reducer

  • Stand up against cigarettes

  • We want a cigarette free world

  • Make healthy choices

  • Kick it before it kicks you

  • It’s a matter of your health

  • Keep calm and say no to cigarettes

  • One life – One chance – Don’t smoke

  • Refusing is a better choice