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35 Cool Autism Slogans

Below are the 35 Cool Autism Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Wish you could see the world through their EYES

autism slogans-Wish you could see the world through their EYES

  • Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others

  • I am not misbehaving, I have Autism. Please be understanding

  • We are all unique

autism slogans-We are all unique

  • Autism speaks. It’s time to listen

  • I have Autism, you’re just weird

autism slogans-I have Autism, you’re just weird

  • I am AUTISTIC. I need acceptance not a cure

  • Autistic people need your pity

autism slogans-Autistic people need your pity

  • It’s ok to be different

  • Proud mom of someone with Autism

autism slogans-Proud mom of someone with Autism

  • Autism is not a disability, it’s a different ability

  • I am not trying to be naughty, I am Autistic. Please have patience

  • Autistic rights are human rights

  • I am not a puzzle, I am a person

  • I can speak 4 Myself

  • Listen to me, I have Autism

  • Disability rights = human rights

  • Autistic and proud

  • Keep calm and marry an Autistic

  • Normal people scare me

  • Autism acceptance month, acceptance is an action

  • Autism: Be aware. Be understanding

  • I love someone with Autism

  • Someone with Autism loves me

  • Autism is part of who I am

  • Autism: Being Different can be a Good Thing

  • Always Unique Truly Interesting Sometimes Memorable

  • Not fight care Autistic

  • Autistic wants your attention

  • Acceptance is the only solution

  • Don’t stare, I’m Autistic

  • Autism: Think different

  • Believe me

  • Ask me about Autism

  • Help Autistics