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Creative Anti-Fur Slogans

Animals are beauty of the earth. Love them and don’t abuse them. Don’t kill them for their fur. Animals also have rights, so respect their rights. Every year a lot of animals are killed only for their fur. Below is a list of creative Anti-Fur slogans and taglines which can be used in anti-fur awareness campaigns and protests.  Use them to play your role.


  • Animal Fur is for their own, not for your jackets and coats

Anti-Fur Slogans-1

  • Stop the war on animals for their fur

Anti-Fur Slogans-2

  • Animals not for fur trade

  • Animals are our friends and we don’t want to wear the skin of our friends

Anti-Fur Slogans-3

  • Real people wear fake fur

  • Respect animal’s rights and don’t kill them for fur

  • Say no to use fur

  • Boycott to use fur

  • Being naked is cool rather than using fur

  • I am against to kill animals for fur