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Great Anti-Dog Fighting Slogans & Sayings

Dogs are the most faithful animal on earth. Be faithful to them and treat them as your friends. Love them and raise your voice for stopping Dogs fighting. They got injured in these fights and some die in them. This must be stopped. Below is a list of great anti-dog fighting slogans and sayings. You can use these slogans in anti-dog fighting awareness campaigns. 


Stay away from dog fighting festivals 

Anti-Dog Fighting Slogans-1


Dog fight isn’t cool

Stop Dogs fighting for sake of humanity

That’s not right, you force them for fight

Stand for the dogs rights – Stop dogs fight

Show Dogs love not hate, Keep them away from fight

Anti-Dog Fighting Slogans-3


Dogs need our help, Dogs for love not for fight

Real men don’t let their dogs fight for them

Anti-Dog Fighting Slogans-2


I am a lover of Dogs

I am a lover not a fighter

A dog fighting is not a sport

Dogs are faithful animal, don’t use them for fight

Say no to dogs fight

Join hands against dog fighting festivals

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