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Animal Slogans

85 Great Save Animals Slogans & Sayings

Animals are a gift of nature. They are closely associated with us in daily life. It will be tough to imagine life without animals as we are dependent on them for many needs. Save animal slogans are a great tool that can be used during save animal awareness campaigns.

Below is a list of 42 Creative and Catchy Save Animal Slogans & Sayings:


Shoot animals with camera, not with gun

Save Animal Slogans-5

Animals are friends, not food.

Animal rights, Not wrongs.

We’re for animals!

Save them to play with them.

Because we love animals

Keep the beauty alive

Don’t harm the harmless.

Say no to animal abuseSave Animal Slogans-2

Animal abuser is a looser

Even a guess is better than a test!

Spaces, not Cages.

Forests – Home for Animals

Save the species.

Save and be saved.

Treat animals like your family members

Share the world not your frustration.

Saving Animals One Paw at A Time

God created animals, love them

Save Animal Slogans-1

Cage for prisoners, not for animals

Animals are in need

Raise your voice to save animals

Fight for the animals right

Protect nature’s beauties!

Save us by saving them

Join the protest – Stop animal testing

Join us: Stop hunting

Animals feel pain too

Save Animal Slogans-3

Don’t kill the beauty of jungle

Join hands to save animals

Let’s save animals

Live and let live

Keep calm and love animals

Animals are goldy matter for Human Beings

Animals don’t have voices. That’s what people are for.

Animals are inter-related to environment.

Will your grandchildren see a live tiger?

I love animals, do you?

Save Animal Slogans-4

Don’t hurt, rescue animals

Stop animal abuse

Live long and save animals

Abusing animals =  loosing animals

Feed animals, don’t eat animals

Save animals, they will save you

Cage the animal abusers

Extinction – don’t let it end for them

Respect animals

Save the animals!

Keep calm & save animals

Cool people don’t harm animals

Live & let live

We did it, we can stop it

Help save the animals

Keep calm & don’t abuse animals

I stand for animal rights

The time to help is now.

Stand for Animal Rights!

Treat us kindly

Save an animal today

Love your wife & save animals

Mom says, don’t abuse animals

Gone forever – Think about it

Save the paws of the world.

Save the loving paws

Save a life, give to paws for dogs

I want you to save animals

Keep smiling & save animals

Save the animals, save the green

Without Animals, no plants remain that means no human beings exists.

Saving animals is our business

Smash the animal abusers hard

Help save someones new best friend

Come & save animals

Keep calm & rescue animals

Help us help animals

It’s not animal rights, if they’re not treated right.

Humans were once a part of nature too. Respect your roots.

Fastest animal on land needs the fastest help on hand.

Keep us alive, do the best that you can.

Respect our planet. It’s the only one we’ve got.

Be kind to animals

One world. One life. One animal saved at a time.

Think, eat & save animals

Save animals, save future

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