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35 Great Save Electricity Slogans & Sayings

Saving electricity means that we should use it when necessary and should avoid wasting it. There are many ways of saving electricity like turning off lights when leaving a room, replacing conventional bulbs with energy saving bulbs and use of other appliances that use less energy. The advantages of saving electricity include lesser electricity bills, lesser use of fossil fuels which consequently reduces air pollution and also lesser chances of radioactive pollution.

Slogans on Save Electricity

We need to run campaigns to create awareness among people regarding the importance of electricity and that they should try to reduce it’s use. Save electricity slogans can be used in these campaigns to make them more effective. We are presenting a list of 35 slogans on save electricity, you can use them in save electricity campaigns.  


Save electricity – Save money


Imagine your life without electricity

Imagine the world without electricity

There is a thin line between using electricity and wasting electricity

Turn off the lights before leaving


Turn it off

Save today – Use tomorrow

Save electricity for your better tomorrow


Turn off the lights when sun is out

Be polite, turn off the light

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You can’t live without electricity

Electricity matters

My Mom says, save electricity


Keep calm and save electricity

Let’s save electricity

Your future depends on electricity

Just save electricity

Saving electricity, the smarter choice


Saving electricity, the wise choice

Don’t bite – turn off the light 

Every machine runs on electricity, save it

Save electricity for all

Save electricity today – Use electricity tomorrow

It’s all about electricity

Save electricity, say it to all

Save electricity, Just do it 

I love to save electricity

Live long and save electricity

Use energy savers for saving electricity 

Electricity saver rocks

Say save electricity

Save electricity – Living innovation 

Save electricity, Got it?

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Save electricity, save money and save planet

Shut your mouth & Save electricity

Electricity: Use it – Don’t abuse it

I want you to save electricity

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