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300 Best Military Slogans | Great Military Mottos | Funny Military Slogans

The most sacred of all sacrifices is the sacrifice of life. That sacrifice of life willingly is given by the military all over the world. Young fellows and ladies study hard, train vigorously, and passionately join the army. Many of the soldiers sacrifice life for the country on religious grounds and patriotism the country. Since the rank of a martyr is respected here and the world after according to religions. In the age where girls and boys dream to go out and have parties, running wild, and making memories, many prefer not to join the armed forces.

They choose discipline, training, fighting skills, and above all, serving their country.  This sacrifice, enthusiasm, and dedication deserve all the recognition in the world. Hence, a dire need of educating the public exists about the sacrifices of the military so that it is respected and supported.  Most of us will never know what war feels like, or what the fear of getting killed in combat is like, we also don’t know how does it feel to kill or see our friends and colleagues getting martyred every day.

Slogans about the military are going to pay tribute to their sacrifices and educate the masses about the importance of the military’s role and ignite enthusiasm in many others to join.



Top 10 Military Slogans


  • Let’s hunt!
  • Duty before death
  • Always vigilant
  • Strike first
  • Straight ahead
  • Find and destroy
  • The Duty to excel
  • Faithful in adversity
  • Ambition and pride
  • It must, so it is possible


Note: If you’re looking for some Powerful  Military Mottos there’s a whole article dedicated to that: 170 Powerful US Military Mottos | Military Branch Mottos



US Military Slogans


We Observe All


We Lead


Light from Darkness


Service with Pride


Down to Earth


Climb to Glory



United States Military Slogans



Fury from the Sky


Aim High … Fly-Fight-Win


Attack and Conquer


Follow Me


Ready for anything


Prepared to fight


Strength and Preparedness


Be All You Can Be


Fury from the Sky


Wings of Destiny


Who dares wins


Do not give in to evil


Without warning


Anything, Anywhere, Anytime


In Every Clime and Place


Let justice be done


Expeditionary support


Steadfast in support


Between spears and enemies


If you wish for peace, prepare for war


Where right and glory lead


No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy


Look Sharp, Be Sharp, Go Army!


Knowledge gives strength to the arm


Today’s Army Wants to Join You


I Will Not Return Unavenged


On Wings We Conquer


On Wings We Conquer



Military Slogans and Sayings

Here is a collection of Military slogans and sayings!


Do not suffer


The dead, get up


The heritage obligates


Brave, Strong, and Fast


Honor and fatherland


Amidst danger, they play


Never to be taken alive


Valor and discipline


Always together


In this sign, you will conquer


For all we have. And all we are.


I want it and I can do it


The legion is our fatherland


Not unequal to many


The will is decisive


The eye of the army


Combined strength


Devoted to excellence


Either with it or on it


Together strong


Simple principles


Give me a chance to shine


Beyond what is possible


Let’s go, let’s tackle it!


Always dominate the heights


We always reach our goals


As long as (the sun) follows its course


A silent force to be reckoned with


Ready for battle, to make peace


Protect, help, moderate, fight


Strength and pride of the west coast


Great is the country that controls the sea


Ready for action, anytime, worldwide!


The last resort of kings


Together we are strong


With determination, I will be triumphant


How high you fly depends on how brave you are


Loyalty and honor on land and sea


After the custom of our ancestors


Victory everywhere


Honour, fatherland, valor, discipline


Success and attainment


The other terror after lightning


They can do what it seems they cannot


Valor in battle is praiseworthy


Everywhere with honor and glory


And hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided


Your destination is beyond everyone else’s destination


Sacrifice is a characteristic of the brave


Prosperity in peace and victory in a war


It is a glory to die doing one’s duty


Better to die than live like a coward


A follower of none but Allah, the fear of Allah, Jihad for Allah


Be it the deserts / Be it the rivers / All are under my wings


May the Lord of the oceans be auspicious unto us


If you have lost everything, remember there is still honor


They have never failed or for their own part lost


Bold and fearless, endowed with undaunted spirit and a great measure of heavenly might



Military Intelligence Motto

Military intelligence is an important institution. They see it all, the information they gather is what protects and helps build proper strategies to defend and protect the country. They collected knowledge, analyze it, inform relevant authorities, and make plans accordingly.

  • Sees all, always
  • Fast, Exact, Quiet
  • The best is yours
  • As far as the world extends
  • Best-serviced, Wise and Knight
  • On the Sea We Are Glorious
  • Loyal and Wise Knights



Funny Military Slogans

The military is famous for its tough training, weird punishments, and tiring routines. In all of this, there are lots of fun and witty sides to it. The punishments, the finding ways to avoid duties, the sneaking in of food or electronic gadgets, etc.


To cheer up the article a bit more we have collated a list of Funny Military slogans!


If it ain’t broke, fix it till it is


Draft beer, not people


Friendly fire – isn’t.


Army food: the spoils of war


The easy way is always mined.


Mankind has a perfect record in aviation; we never left one up there.


Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.


When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.


If the enemy is in range, so are you.


Never tell the Platoon Sergeant you have nothing to do.


Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.


When a flight is proceeding incredibly well, something was forgotten.


Make it too tough for the enemy to get in and you can’t get out.


We are not retreating—we are advancing in another direction


Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait.


The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his.


There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.


Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons!


When a plane crash seems inevitable, endeavor to strike the softest, cheapest object in the vicinity as slowly and gently as possible.


Basic Flying Rules: Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees, and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there.


We, the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have now done so much for so long with so little, we are now capable of doing anything with nothing.


Never forget that your weapon is made by the lowest bidder.


Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at.



T-Shirts with Military Slogans


The swag of a t-shirt with a Military slogan is on another level.

Here is a list of t-shirts with military slogans for you to choose your level of swag


Life First


Swift and Deadly


Forging Ahead


First and Foremost


Poised and Deadly


Do right, fear no one


First Line of Defense


Foremost and Utmost


Generate and Sustain


Advance and Overcome


For Honour and Glory


Nothing Stands In Our Way


Persistent and Precise


Excellence Through Professionalism



Military Slogans for Each Branch

The military is consisting of branches, each with its separate duties. The air force protects the skies of the country, the Navy protects the seas, and Army guards the land. Together they defend the country and preserve its sovereignty.  There are also Military Police, Special services, Cost Guards to cover and defend the country in every possible manner.


Following Is the collection of Military Branch Slogans… Each representing their duties.


US Army Slogans


Bold and swift


Look good, do good!


Fight, overcome or die


Quality is our strength


The Man in the Tank Shall Win


Never unprepared


Honor, duty, will


Ever forward, never back


Ready aye ready


In war, charity


Where duty and glory lead


Splendor without diminishment


Strike and breakthrough


Knight and Wise Rule Upholders


The Foremost Warfare Equipment


There the Border Will Be Decided


Labour and vigilance for nature


Fear no pain, fear no challenge, fear no death


Persistent defense, Effective intimidation


We must battle when the enemy is in sight


A Folk builds An Army building a Folk


Faithful throughout the centuries


The hard we shall do today, the impossible we shall do tomorrow


Defender Who Shall Not Have Fear / Defender Who Shall Not Be Seen


Soldier’s Ability to Carry Out Their Duties without Time-Spotting



US Air Force Slogans


Beyond Horizons


Speed Through Skill


Loyalty and justice


Free shall we keep the sky


Ever High is My Head


Determined and Strong


Wings of The Motherland


Always in the Skies


Above All Else, Serving the People


Embarrassed for Doing the Defects


Loyal in Battles and Developments


Does not retreat even if broken


Without air defense, there is no national defense


Make a Great Power for Serving the Nation


My Life and soul is for the sake of Humanity


US Navy Slogans


Guardian at Sea


Ready for Sea


Steadfast until The End


Forged by the Sea


We stand on guard for thee


Once a marine, always a marine


In War and Peace Invincible at Sea


On the Sea We Are Glorious


Better to die than to be a coward


The decisive battle outside of the national boundary


The mountain bows, the ocean gives way


The Great Soldier, Guardian of The Sky



United Kingdom Military Slogans


United Kingdom Military Slogans


For king and Country


From the teeth a Sword


Under the white cross


By sea, By land


Through adversity to the stars


who shall separate us?



Australia Military Slogans


Australia Military Slogans


Serving Australia With Pride


Find and destroy




Guide and deliver




Silent service


Pass not unseen


Evil be to him who evil thinks


Defend from above



France Military Slogans


France Military Slogans




Duty first


Watch and ward


Strike swiftly


Expeditionary support


Steadfast in support


Nothing prevents


To be and to last



Germany Military Slogans


Germany Military Slogans


We. Serve. Germany.


Always the same


We move everything


Learn to suffer without complaining!



Greece Military Slogans


Greece Military Slogans



Freedom stems from valor


Solve the knot with the sword


Come and get them



Sweden Military Slogans


Together with strong




Vigilant everywhere


Strength and pride of the west coast



Indian Military Slogans


The conqueror


Victory to Mother India


Prosperity in peace and victory in the war


By land and sea


Touch the sky with glory


Fight with Determination


Valor triumphs


Unique valor


Work is worship


Win over the enemy in the sky


Ever powerful


Freedom from sickness to all


The brave shall inherit the earth


Strength through weapons


Swift and secure


We protect


First, always first


Unity and valor



Canada Military Slogans


Strong alone, Stronger together




Strength and courage


United in purpose


For hearth and home



China Military Slogans


We must battle when the enemy is in sight


Fraternity, Devotion, Sincerity


The decisive battle outside of the national boundary


Without air defense, there is no national defense


Loyal military police



Indonesia Military Slogans


Loyal and vigilant


Flying Soldiers


Knight and Wise Rule Upholders


My Life and soul is for the sake of Humanity


To Protect and To Serve


Brave, Right, Successful


The Foremost Warfare Equipment


No Difficulties Cannot Conquer



Israel Military Slogans


Without Support, the Infantry Won’t Move


When the waves grow stronger, the strong men are revealed


He who saves one soul, it is as if he saves a whole world


Artillery is the Queen of Battle


The Human Advantage


We shall Innovate, Lead, Set an Example – and Win



Italy Military Slogans


Fortitude overcomes all difficulties


Under the law, freedom


With valor to the stars


To ensure hope is our role


The safeguard of the republic shall be the supreme law


We tame the flames, we give our hearts


Our life for the fatherland


Courage becomes stronger in danger


Strength and health


Country and honor


Faith, charity, hope




Malaysia Military Slogans


Strong and Loyal


Keep on Fighting


Loyal and True


Whilst there is life, there is a fight


Who Dares Wins in Bajau


Who Dares Wins in Kadazandusun


Swift and Sure


Ready to Sacrifice


Be the Best



Netherlands Military Slogans


Royal Netherlands Army


Strong by conviction


Neither rashly nor timidly


Now or never


We stand for protection


Small in numbers, great in deeds


Serving in danger



Norway Military Slogans


For peace and freedom


In this sign, you will conquer


Everything for the King!


Everywhere where right and glory lead


For King, country, and the flag’s honor


King, people, and fatherland



Singapore Military Slogans


The Heart of SAF’s Firepower


Steadfast We Stand


First in the East


Vigilant and Ready


Swift and Decisive


Ready to Strike


Throughout the cultures of different ages, we have witnessed various traditions to pay respect to soldiers, warriors, or fighters. In the Neolithic era, soldiers used to be buried with precious ornaments, their sword was a symbol of prestige. Today as well, the sacrifices of armed forces are respected and honored. We have witnessed the status of heroes for them, statues of warriors, the celebration of days, displays of their belongings in museums, and respecting their generations to come. As they spend their days and night alone, far away from home on duty. Countless of them never get to see their families again. As heartbreaking as it is, it is also brave. To think of one’s country above own personal gains is a philosophical and meaningful understanding of life. We are always going to need soldiers, and for that, we need to inspire our generations. To instill inspiration and passion, hopefully, these slogans and sayings have helped.


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Top 6 Busiest Airports in Florida

With plenty of tourist spots like theme parks, beaches, and landmarks: Castillo de San Marcos, Kennedy Space Center, and The Ernest Hemingway home, Florida is one of the highly recommended states to visit. In this article, we’ll tell you about the biggest and, thus, the busiest Florida airports! Whether you’d like to avoid a long queue or meet as many people as you can, – this list will come in handy to estimate how crowded a particular airport is.


1. International Airport in Orlando

This MCO airport carried over 22 million passengers in 2020, which made it one of the country’s busiest airports. With entertainment like the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, and In the Game ICON Park, it is clear why Orlando has lots of visitors. Plus, first-class restaurants, stylish hotels, and a thriving business sector make the city unusually attractive regarding picking up a place to recharge the batteries.

Sadly, busy airports usually have a bad reputation, and this one isn’t the exception. The airport has 1 security line for 60 gates, and it’s laid out in a somewhat confusing way.  Allow extra time for a quick tram ride, both departing & arriving and for a mob scene at the airport even at 5:30 am on a Sunday.


2. International Airport in Miami

International Airport in Miami

MIA had over 20 million flights in 2019, and it is the second-busiest Florida airport in terms of passenger traffic. Great location to get to downtown Miami! Miami Airport is huge and very efficient as you can walk between terminals after a security check. 

They installed some new gate security scanners instead of the old ones with a highly confusing layout, so you don’t need to take out your electronics anymore. Also, sometimes it is worth looking at the wait time in advance and choosing the gate next to yours to get faster to your gate. Food options are good with Starbucks, Subway, and other known chains. Be aware, that not too many power plugs are available, and some seats require attention.


3. Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport is among the biggest airports in terms of enplanements(9 million in 2019). If you consider renting a vehicle, first, it may seem like a ways away, but there is good signage which makes navigation a breeze to get to where we needed to go. Yes, it is a little confusing knowing where to go to find a shuttle to your terminal, but after a few times coming through the airport, it is really laid out well, kept very clean, and has plenty of space so that it never feels crowded.

Moreover, there are plenty of perfect dining options within the airport inside the terminals as well as just outside the terminals. Inside the terminal, there are dozens of restaurants and shops to get snacks and food. Outside the terminal at the main hub, there are more restaurants and there is even a full P.F. Chang’s inside!


4. Southwest Florida International Airport

Southwest Florida International Airport

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is a major county-owned airport in the South Fort Myers area. It has a very modern design with rental cars right across the street. Navigating the airport is, as a rule, straightforward and there is plenty of room capable of accommodating the inrush of large groups as planes come and go.

The airport is kept immaculately and is well-maintained. It also features a 3-level parking deck just across from the airport for short-term parking. On the weekends the TSA security lines can be long so plan accordingly. Want to rent a car in RSW? Pay attention to Alamo Fort Myers Airport, which is a Fort Myers car rental service that offers a huge variety of any vehicle you need! Hatchback, pick up, van or Jeep – you would find anything.


5. Palm Beach International Airport

Palm Beach International Airport(PBI) is situated near West Palm Beach, and it is the main airport for the city. Very convenient medium-sized airport. What may be quite helpful, is the availability of a service pet relief station there, and a breastfeeding pot on the terminal. One of the bad parts you may notice there is that the water fountain spigots are gross. In other cases, the airport is clean. Furthermore, there are charging stations under seats at the gate. The terminal and airplanes are easily viewed from various locations, so you have to really try to miss your flight while hanging around there. Nice traffic flow for pickup and drop-off. Plus, the economy parking lot for $7 is more user-friendly than can be expected. 


6. International Airport in Jacksonville

Do you want us to surprise you a bit? This airport doesn’t have any international routes. You may ask what’s the point in it then? As long as it continues to operate a federal inspection station and provide U.S. Customs and Border Patrol assistance to handle foreign traffic, the airport will keep its “international” designation. Let’s go to the benefits. It’s easy to maneuver from side to side. In addition, you may find TSA is in the middle of the airport, making it easier to get to. The area is bright and well-lit. Also, there are lots of artsy displays around for your usage, and plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you are bored – pay attention to shops to kill time while waiting.

Thank you for reading! We believe this article was interesting for you. You may leave your comment below.

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Car Rental for Traveling Around USA

The movement of people from one place to another can be achieved by different means of transport. The common form of migration that people partake in is traveling and one of the ways people travel apart from by air is by road. People travel by road for different reasons. To travel, one can choose either to travel in a car or a van. If you choose to rent, you made a good choice. Because there are many USA van rental and car rental companies located in every city and state. Amongst the many, you can easily find the one nearest to you and book one from them. If you are considering renting a car for your trip, here are some things to know about car rentals.



If you are planning to rent a car for your trip, it is important to consider certain details. Some details like: 

  • The number of seats of the vehicle. If you are traveling as a group, you might want to rent a 12-seater vehicle instead of a normal car. Because of accommodation.
  • The space:  if you are traveling with family or a group of people, the luggage is one of the things to take into consideration. A 12-passenger van has more space to accommodate people and luggage. Not only that, everyone will be comfortable. 
  • Privacy: regardless of the length of the journey, ensuring every passenger’s comfort and privacy is important. This is why the option of vans is available for those who need it.

To rent or book such vehicles that provide more space or seats, you can visit 12 passenger van rental Phoenix AZ.



Due to the high demand for car rentals these days, car rental agencies that offer their services to customers are now available everywhere. Anywhere you are in the USA, one can easily rent a car by finding the nearest one next to them. Some popular car rental companies include Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, etc.



Car rentals are not only available everywhere in the US, but they are also cheap. Although much cheaper in some cities than in others. Regardless, the prices are affordable. Depending on one’s budget, there is a car available for it. This option of car rental is better than using a taxi many times a day, week or month. You can save on expenses just by renting a car. 


Access to Varieties

A car rental company means that they have many vehicles at their disposal. For those who know their taste for cars, this is a perfect opportunity to explore and rent a car of their choice. Is it a luxury or comfortable, camping, adventurous, or sports car that you want? Just name it and you can have it at your disposal at any car rental agency next to you.

car rental usa

Good Services

One of the good things about car rentals is the services that they provide once you book or rent from them.

  • The vehicles are maintained and rented out in good working condition.
  • They provide certain coverages like insurance, GPS, spare motor parts, etc.
  • Some rental companies fuel the car before renting it out.
  • They also offer bonuses and discounts to customers.

car rental services


Before one can rent a vehicle in the US, certain things are required. E.g.

  • One must be above 25 years (18 years in some places). If below, a fee is charged.
  • One must have an updated driver’s license and a valid identification card.
  • One must have a credit or debit card.
  • One should also be ready to abide by the driving rules and laws of the land.


Once one is aware of all the details involved in renting a car or van, one can travel. If road trips are your thing, you can check out the USA road trip. Remember to travel with a company, as this will make your trip less boring and lonely.

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65 Best Slogans to Simplify Your Workout

For starters, working out may seem intimidating. And, for pros, it can be challenging to stay motivated. But, sometimes, the best resolution for starting and staying in a workout routine is to keep it simple. This article provides a guide to staying fit and slogans to help you simplify your workouts, and one thing is for sure, we kept it simple for anyone and everyone. So, let’s get into it.


Benefits of Working Out

Why should you work out? We have a multitude of reasons. Here are some:

a) Working out combats many health conditions.

Regular exercise can prevent many heart conditions and hypertension. It also boosts your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and good cholesterol and decreases symptoms associated with  depression, anxiety, diabetes, arthritis, and stroke.

b) Working out controls weight gain.

Exercise is extremely efficient in preventing further weight gain and maintaining weight loss. So if you’re going after that “summer body,” exercise will be your best friend.

c) Working out boosts your mood and energy levels.

Regular workouts increase muscle strength and boost your stamina levels which deliver more significant levels of oxygen to your cardiovascular system, giving you more energy to complete your tasks throughout the day. A good gym session also triggers the release of feel-good chemicals, making you happier.

d) Working out improves sleep.

Many studies have proven that a regular exercise routine is linked to better sleep. Try sticking to a workout routine for at least two weeks and monitor your sleep patterns.

If you are interested in health and fitness articles that motivate you to stay healthy, you’re in the right place.


Best Slogans to Simplify your Workout

These short striking phrases can go a long way if you’re trying to get in the workout zone. But, remember, this article is all about simplifying those workouts. So here are some slogans to kickstart your new simplified workout regime.


  • In pursuit of good health.
  • Workouts look good on you!
  • It starts here.
  • Embrace the weather.
  • Strong body, strong mind.
  • Fit for life.
  • You are stronger than you think.
  • Don’t quit; get fit.
  • Sore today, strong tomorrow.
  • Take what you want.
  • Fitness is a lifestyle.
  • It’s my time.
  • Why dream? Train!
  • Health is key.
  • For the sake of fitness.
  • Dare to be fit.
  • Staying active is staying happy.
  • Move forward.
  • Through determination and discipline.
  • You won’t regret exercise.
  • Own your day.
  • Prioritize your health.
  • Stay committed.
  • Inhale, exhale, and go again.
  • I am in control.
  • Be a go-getter.
  • Unleash the beast.
  • Work for it.
  • Fit doesn’t quit.
  • Losing never felt so good.
  • Move and groove.
  • Fitness is an attitude.
  • Run toward your goals.
  • Break a sweat.
  • Be unbeatable.


Guide to getting into a Workout Routine:

These five steps have proven beneficial for beginners and even professionals; the key is to stick to the basics!

First, give yourself enough time to warm up, stretch, and cool down. Warmups include easy walking or jogging for a couple of minutes, and they should be followed up by stretching accordingly.

Secondly, do not be ashamed to simplify or break down your workouts to suit. As you progress, you can add sets and weights to challenge yourself.

Another useful workout tip that is especially good for beginners is to pay attention to those around you; see what they do and how they do it and decide if it might work for you. Being open to workout videos and tutorials will most likely be helpful if no one is around.

Fourth, listen to your body! Give yourself 10-14 days before you decide whether a certain workout is helping or hurting you.

Lastly, be open to criticism. Most of the time, if someone is giving you advice on a workout, it is because that person wants to help. As a beginner, not perfecting the workout is very common. Always do your research and master your body.


The bottom line

Physical activity is one of the best ways to boost our health, confidence, and physique. There are various ways to enter the fitness realm with workout options for everyone. Despite the common belief, exercise is far easier than you think with seemingly endless choices. Join a yoga class, cycle, try high-intensity interval training (HIIT), go swimming, or hey, just go walking. Exercise is the answer to whether you want to improve your body, well-being, or general health.

Allow us to share 20 bonus slogans to really get you on your feet.


  • Tune into fitness.
  • Celebrate health.
  • Hustle for that muscle.
  • Do it for yourself.
  • Be more, do more.
  • Dare to be great.
  • Rest awhile; run a mile.
  • Too fit to quit.
  • Lead! Don’t follow.
  • All runners are welcome.
  • Push harder today.
  • Energize your life.
  • No such thing as a bad workout.
  • Your body hears what your mind says.
  • You are the first step.
  • Be proud of yourself.
  • Accept the challenge.
  • Raise the bar.
  • Be better today than yesterday.
  • Fitness is an attitude.


By the end of this article, you would have realized that your fitness journey begins in your mind. The moment you motivate yourself mentally, you unlock more of your potential. Find workouts that work for you and surround yourself with people who inspire you. Be open to interesting articles that introduce you to new ways of working out and leave you with a sense of encouragement. Here are a few powerful slogans to feed your inspiration:


  • I am my own competition.
  • My body, my happiness.
  • Never too late.
  • My mindset will take me there.
  • Health is wealth.
  • I can and I will.
  • Nothing can stop me.
  • I’m doing this for myself.
  • Meet me at the gym!
  • My body is my temple.

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