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43 Catchy Save Fuel Slogans & Sayings

World has limited fuel resources and fuel demand is increasing day by day. Consumption of fuel at this pace is alarming and one day this world will run out of fuel. We have to take some measures to decrease the overall fuel consumption so that the available resources can last longer. We need to educate people to use fuel only when most needed and also they should try to use fuel alternatives. 

Save fuel slogans can be used in save fuel awareness campaigns to motivate the public. Our team has gathered a list of 43+ save fuel slogans that can be used in these campaigns. The slogans can be used on banners, posters, t shirts etc.

Here is a list of 43+ Creative & Catchy save fuel slogans and punch lines.


Save Fuel Slogans


Every drop matters


Fuel pinching please


Save fuel for next generations




Stay cool and save fuel


Keep calm & save fuel


Love your wife & save fuel


Save fuel to save money


Put on your walking shoes!


Tune-ups save fuel


Imagine a day without fuel




Use fuel efficient products to save fuel for future


Saving fuel is the only solution


Burn fat, save fuel


Burn calories, not fuel


Save fuel & Ride bike


Let’s start saving fuel


I want you to save fuel




Best habit is the habit of saving fuel


Conserve Energy, Use less fuel, Jogg to work


Properly inflated tires save fuel


Keep calm & save fuel for future


Get the most out of every drop


Walk to school, it’s super cool


Kick global warming by saving fuel




Save fuel – save money


We all have to save fuel


A future without fuel would be unbearable


Be a fuel saver!


Save fuel and tell others to do so


Save fuel today – Use fuel tomorrow




Simply, save fuel


It’s all about saving fuel


No choice other than saving fuel


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Be wise – Be a fuel saver


Cool people save fuel


Fuel conservation is the only solution


Get the most out of every drop




It’s your future, look after it


Save Oil, Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet


Turn off the car, I ain’t that far!


We’re at war for it


Yay, conserving fuel energy!


Be cool , save fuel


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A unit saved is more than the unit generated


Save fuel to rule


Don’t use fuel, use Muel


Slogans can’t save fuel but you can


Don’t be cruel, conserve your fuel!


Decrease the Need


Don’t be Fuelish!


Save fuel today, secure your tomorrow


If it ain’t far, don’t take the car


Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage


Save fuel, secure the future!


One day oil will be costlier than gold; so start conserving today!!!


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