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199 Best Slogans on Save Trees

Trees are important for us to live as they not only provide oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide. They also maintain the beauty of our land and as well protect us from floods. Despite the importance of trees, humans are cutting them down at a higher pace. According to a research, people cut down 15 billion trees each year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization. This is alarming and necessary measures need to be taken to minimize the cutting down of tress.

We need to create awareness among people regarding benefits of trees for us and for our environment so that they avoid cutting down the trees. For this purpose, frequent awareness campaigns need to to run throughout the world. In these campaigns we can tell people why tress are important for us and why we should avoid cutting them down. We should use catchy and memorable words to tell people these things so that they can memorize the message easily.

Save tress slogans are the best tool to accomplish this task. They are short, catchy, memorable and can deliver the message more effectively. In the past, we have shared slogans on environment and go green slogans, to aware people about the importance of keeping our environment clean and green.

In this post, we are going to present 150+ slogans on save trees. You can use them in any type of campaign.

Slogans on Save Trees

Save tree – Save life


Life is impossible without trees


You can’t live without trees

Join hands to save trees

T.R.E.E.S. = Treat our existing ecosystem sacredly

Don’t cut a tree – Don’t cut a life

Don’t bark up my tree

Plant a tree and get oxygen for free


Earth looks ugly without trees

Save a TREE, kill a BUSH

Help us breathe, save trees

If a tree falls, it’s heard everywhere

Saving trees is our duty


Save paper – Save trees

Save trees for your life

Take a stand to save trees

Planting Trees and Hope

Plant a tree, plant a life

Join the green side

Save the beautiful greens

Don’t cut, hug the tree


Let’s save trees

Grow trees, Save life, Save Earth

Each one, Teach one, How to plant one

Tree: You need us

Trees give life to all

Treat trees with respect!

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green

Need more oxygen? Ask a tree!

If you need water, save the trees

Let’s make a peace treaty with our trees

Tree is our best friend – They give us free oxygen


You can’t breathe without trees

Make your garden beautiful by planting trees

Save the trees like a mother save her son. Trees also save you.

Trees are green gold

If you cut a tree, you kill a life

Go Green, Save The Trees!

Save a Tree and Save a Life

Trees on, Global warming gone!

Save trees, live active lifestyle

Save Trees, Save Environment

Save trees, save earth

If you save a tree, you save a life

Imagine the world without trees


Fight floods with trees

Plant a tree and get air for free

Think Green & Live green

Listen to the trees, they have more bark than bite!

Green Nation, Clean Nation.

Keep calm & live green

Plant tree to get free oxygen

Save trees to save ourselves

Save trees now they will save you in future

Keep calm & plant more trees

Save tree, save shelter of animals

Enter the oxygen, exit the carbon dioxide

A tree is a collective property so do take care of it

Save trees to save our planet

Save trees, decorate the nature with green

Save trees, save nature

Love your life & plant more trees


Cutting a tree means killing a living being

Stand up for the trees

Mom says, plant trees

Trees are the root of all life!

Save trees or Die!!!!!!!

Save Trees, Eat A Beaver

Save trees, reduce green house effect

Have you hugged a tree today?

Feel free to plant a tree


Stop Exams! Save Trees!

May the Forest be with you

No Trees, No Mankind

It’s all about the trees buddy

Each one, Plant one

Plant a tree to make this world pollution-free

Always stop cutting of trees


The best time to plant a tree is just now

Trees are not for sale

Dare to be a friend of tree

Save trees, reduce carbon footprints

Save earth plant trees

Trees For Loving

Trees For People

Let’s All Act to Clean the Air

Trees For Hugging

Killing trees is killing us

Lend a hand to save trees

Save trees for future generation


Stop cutting trees

Save tree, combat climate change

Save trees, regularize seasonal changes

Planting more trees is the only solution

Saving tree is the way to be

I want you to stop cutting trees

Save trees, reduce environmental temperature

Only fool cut the trees


Smash hard the one who cut the trees

Keep The Green. Cut The Greed

Need air, thank a tree!

Save the trees, our world needs them

Save trees and be prevented from ultra-violet rays

Trees are living beings, love them and care them

Save yourself by saving the tree

Save me! I’m Green!

Time to say no to cutting trees

Save the Tree, it worked for me!

f you love to breathe, Save the trees

Eat a beaver, save a tree

save tree, save living things

Green trees = clean air

Love your wife & don’t cut trees

Save a tree, it don’t charge a fee

Save trees and get out of respiratory diseases

Save the Tree, eat leaves for free!

Leave my wood alone

Trees are the roots of all living

Save trees, eliminate global warming

Save a tree get one free

Cut the greed, Not the green!

Save trees, enhance economy

Save trees, get natural friends

They kill good trees to put out bad newspapers

What do the forests bare? Soil, water and pure air

When trees can breathe free, so can you!

Grow more trees and save the environment from destruction

If the present generation cuts down trees, their children will have to pay the fees

Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution

Save a tree to help us breathe

Save Trees or else their leaves will only be seen in Museums

Save the trees, save the Earth. We are the guardians of nature’s birth

Cut a Tree, Cut a Tree and there’ll be no more left to see

There is enough on the earth for the human’s need but not for the human’s greed

One tree can make a million matches,One match can destroy a million trees

Don’t make Trees rare, we should keep them with care

Don’t destroy the greenery and don’t spoil the scenery. Save mother earth

We can live without our Family Tree but We can not live without our Friend the Tree!

Don’t cut trees, for they are our best friends who ask nothing in return

Tree Plantation Slogans

I’m rooting for you.

Each one, Plant one.

Plant a tree and plant a hope for future.

Plant a Tree. It doesn’t cost The Earth.

Trees are the roots of all living, Plant a Tree.

If a tree dies, Plant another in its place.

plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free.

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Slogans On Trees

Trees, the lungs of the world.

T.R.E.E.S. = Treat our existing ecosystem sacredly

Give a sapling as gift to your loved ones.

Trees are green gold.

Huge a tree and love it.

Decorate the nature with green.

Life without trees means life without love.

Reduce greenhouse effect.

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Save Environment Slogans

Save your globe, save yourself

Love the world you’re ON

Better environment, better tomorrow

Don’t Be Mean, Be Green!!!

Run to help save Environment

Live local, think global, stay hopeful

Go Green, There is No other planet for living

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Save Water Slogans

Save water today, use water tomorrow

You can live without love but not without water

Imagine one day without water

There is a thin line between using water and wasting water

Save water and tell others to do so

I don’t waste water-Do you?

Go to a desert to know the importance of water

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Tree Plantation Slogans

1,2,3, Plant a tree

Plant a tree, green the earth, clean the air, live happily

The best time to plant a tree is just now

Tree plantation is a life style not a one-time campaign

1,2,3,4 Plant a tree once more

plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free

Plan your family but never stop planting trees

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Global Warming Slogans

Let’s act together to control Global Warming

If global warming is lot, it makes the earth hot

Global Warming isn’t cool, but stopping it is

Go Green to Save Earth from warming


Join the Cool Revolution

Be polite – save the ice

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Acid Rain Slogans

Use your brain and stop Acid Rain

Don’t give us pain. You acid rain

If pollution goes up into the sky, then acid rain will make you cry

Stop pollution to stop acid rain

Acid rain hurts the earth

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