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320 Catchy Tree Plantation Slogans for Campaign & Plants Slogans



Have you ever realized where all the food we intake would come from if we stop planting trees?  Wouldn’t life on this planet become challenging to live for both humans and animals with no more trees? Yes, now stop your thought process right there because this survival is in your hands. You’ll be relieved to know that these problems would come to an end with more and more plantations of trees. The tree plantation slogans have been made for you all to motivate one another to plant more trees and increase the greenery on this planet.


Catchy Tree Plantation Slogans

A couple of the famous tree plantation slogans include:

  • Plant trees for a better world.
  • For a better world.
  • Tree plantation for life.
  • It’s time to protect mother nature.
  • Go green, plant trees.
  • Let the new generation prosper.
  • Plant trees to save lives.
  • Don’t cut trees instead plant some.
  • Plant more to make this planet better.
  • Plant in plenty.
  • Each one… plant one.
  • No tree… no life.
  • Imagine a world full of greeneries.
  • More trees. Better world. Better life.
  • Plant more trees to enhance the beauty of nature.
  • Plant a tree and get oxygen for free.
  • Plan your family, but never stop planting trees.
  • Plant more trees. Care for humanity.
  • Plant trees, and save the environment.
  • Feel free. Plant a new tree.
  • Trees are important.
  • Planting trees is a noble cause.
  • Being polite. Trees contribute a lot.
  • Water plants, conservation of trees.
  • Save the divine gift of Mother Nature.
  • If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save a life.
  • If you plant a tree, you plant a life.
  • Love your life, plant more trees.
  • No Trees, No Mankind.
  • Plant a tree, grow a flower – let’s give mother earth back her power.


Tree Plantation Slogans


Top 10 Tree Plantation Slogans

 The top 10 famous tree plantation slogans include:

  1. I’m rooting for you.
  2. Plant trees, and save your future.
  3. Plant tree. It is free.
  4. A plant a day keeps the flood away.
  5. Don’t bark up my tree.
  6. Trees plantation… is the best practice.
  7. Plant more trees, and keep your environment pollution free.
  8. Plant trees, save your life.
  9. Each one, Plant one.
  10. Feel free to plant a tree.


Tree Plantation Slogans 1


Plantation Slogans

You can use the following plantation slogans in your messages, Instagram posts, status, etc, and keep reminding people about the plantation. Trees are meant to be in this motherland and we have to plant them, we have to give birth to more and more trees by planting them. Do use the following slogans, I’m sure they will help fulfill your purpose!

  • Save our earth, make it green
  • Our earth needs us, save it.
  • Go for aforestation.
  • Preen our earth with green
  • Plant a tree, and make our earth risk-free.
  • Want to live longer? Plant trees.
  • Save our earth for the next generation.
  • Go green, go lively.
  • Mother earth is in danger! Go green
  • Save earth. Save trees.
  • Protect greeneries. Protect nature.
  • Nature is beautiful. Save it.
  • Nature is a divine gift. Protect it.
  • Trees are the ornaments of the earth. Save them.
  • Go green and save trees.
  • Green earth… preened earth.
  • Protect nature. He will protect you too.
  • Protect mother nature. She will protect you too.
  • Nature is divine, also it can be furious. So, save it.
  • Trees are the heart of nature. Save them.
  • Make this world better and more beautiful, with trees.
  • More trees. More greeneries.
  • Trees are vital. Without them, the earth would be fatal.
  • The greener, the better.
  • Make this planet green with trees.
  • The more you plant, the better planet you make.
  • Green planet, lovely planet.
  • Greeneries are good for your eyes. Gp green
  • Go green, go natural.
  • Don’t dig your own grave. Stop deforestation.
  • A green planet. A lively planet.
  • Trees are important for our survival.
  • Go green. Start planting from today.
  • A plant a day keeps pollution away.
  • Plant a new tree every day, and keep diseases away.
  • Save trees, and reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Trees have life. We need them to survive.
  • Save trees. Don’t destroy nature.


Tree Plantation Slogans 2


Slogans on Save Plants

How can you make people plant new trees if they’re not even saving those already existing? If all the planted trees are to be cut off by people, then there’s no use in planting new ones! Therefore, it is important to let people know how important it is for us to take care of the trees and plants to get sufficient clean oxygen and for the sake of animal shelter.

Use the following Save Plants slogans and let one another know about these crucial details.

  • Don’t cut a tree don’t cut a life.
  • Consider the birds and the bees and stop cutting down the trees.
  • Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing.
  • A tree is a collective property so take care of it.
  • Don’t make trees rare, keep them with care.
  • Deforestation will lead us to devastation.
  • A tree that stays, keeps flood away.
  • Don’t complain about the heat – plant a tree!
  • Don’t cut trees if you want cool air.
  • Saving trees is our duty.
  • Trees help us breathe. save them.
  • Trees do us no harm. save them.
  • Stop being so ruthless towards trees.
  • Trees are important. stop deforestation.
  • Stop deforestation. Deforestation should be discouraged.
  • Go for afforestation. Afforestation can bring the land to life.
  • Plant a tree. It’s free. Planting a tree does not cost you money.
  • Trees are protectors. Save them, stop them, protect them.
  • Preserve your heritage, and plant more trees.
  • He who plants a tree loves others besides himself!
  • One can live without family, but not without a tree. Save and plant trees.
  • We should not be cruel to trees when they offer us so many gifts.
  • For your next generation to grow tall like trees plant more of them.
  • All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.
  • Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you.


Tree Plantation Slogans 3


Slogans for Tree Plantation Program

Plantation programs include the practice of planting trees. This gives one a source of contentment and makes them feel good about it. The tree plantation program is quite effective as it is not only words but also some sort of action. If you are willing to implement the tree plantation programs among many people, use the following slogans and let people know how these programs will be beneficial.

  • Never look at others, just plant a tree.
  • Plant a tree and add new friends to your life.
  • Plant a tree and plant hope for the future.
  • Plant trees for a better tomorrow.
  • No Trees, No Future.
  • Plant a tree Today.
  • Adopt a Tree.
  • Save trees and save the world.
  • Let the green be seen!
  • See the forest for the trees.
  • Cut One, Plant Two.
  • Plant a Tree. It doesn’t cost The Earth.
  • Give a hoot for the root.
  • Preserve your Heritage, and Plant More Trees.
  • There is no life without green.
  • 1,2,3, Plant a tree.
  • A Tree for Peace.
  • More trees mean lesser air pollution.
  • Root for the Trees.
  • Trees are the roots of all living, Plant a Tree.
  • It is Simpler to save paper than to plant trees.
  • Plant trees and bring rain to get rid of summer heat.
  • If a tree dies, Plant another in its place.
  • A plantation of trees polluted with BVOCs.
  • Plant a tree a day and keep soil erosion away.
  • I will water plants close to the root.
  • Plan your family but never stop planting trees.
  • He Who Plants a Tree Loves Others Beside Himself!
  • Plant a tree so that the next generation can get air for free.
  • Don’t be a litterbug, just give a tree a hug.
  • Deforestation will lead us to devastation.
  • Tree plantations are the best option
  • One tree by each family means one billion new trees on Earth.
  • Plant more trees, and make the environment pollution free.
  • Every hand does its own work to plant trees and save the earth.
  • Green our planet – the best place on earth
  • Plant a tree, green the earth, clean the air, and live happily.



Tree Plantation Slogans 4


Plants Slogans

Plants are vital for this planet as they give us oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter. Despite their importance, human beings are cutting them down for their worldly needs. This has to be minimized because our life is not possible without trees. Instead of cutting them, we should grow more trees.

Some of the plant slogans include:

  • Be nice to nature, it gives you shelter.
  • Trees are the lungs of the earth. Protect it.
  • Protect green, protect yourself.
  • Save green. Save your generation.
  • Plan trees. Go green.
  • Add one tree to nature. Add a savior to your life.
  • Trees are saviors of earth.
  • Trees help us breathe. Save them.
  • Trees cause us no harm. Save them.
  • Stop being so merciless to the trees.
  • Trees are vital. Stop deforestation.
  • Stop deforestation.
  • Stop deforestation. Go for aforestation.
  • Aforestation can bring the land to life.
  • Trees are the best amigos. Go green.
  • The trees are green. Use them to preen.
  • Go green, go natural.
  • The roots of lives are the roots of trees.
  • Save trees, conserve nature. Conserve earth.
  • I am a tree. Save me.
  • I am a tree, protect me, conserve me.
  • Water plants, conserve trees.
  • Help me… I am your mother nature… save the trees.
  • Mother nature’s future is at stake. Plant trees for God’s sake.
  • Nature is a great gift. Thank the almighty.
  • Save the divine gift of mother nature.
  • Trees plantation. This is the best option.
  • Aforestation… the best option.
  • Plant more trees, and secure your future.
  • Trees are gifts from god. Protect them for life’s sake.
  • Trees are at stake. Protect them for God’s sake.
  • Your future is at stake. Protect trees for god’s sake!
  • Plant more for goodness sake, a beautiful world you make.
  • A new plant each day, make this world happy and gay.
  • Protect trees. Save earth. Save life.
  • Let’s make this world better by planting more trees.
  • Trees make this world a better place to live in.


Tree Plantation Slogans 5


Tree Planting Campaign Slogans

There have been many campaigns set up for the promotion of tree plantations. In these campaigns, people gather wearing or holding tree plantation slogans. The slogans of this category are used to provide the best taglines for these campaigns and to let people know the exact purpose of the tree planting campaigns. If you’re also deciding to become a part of such campaigns, you can simply pick up some slogans from the list below.

  • Planting trees costs you no money.
  • Feel free. Plant a new tree.
  • Trees are important.
  • Planting trees is a noble practice.
  • Be humble. Trees have a huge contribution.
  • Be nice to the trees. They are the best friends of mankind.
  • Trees are always nice to mankind. Save them.
  • Trees are the saviors. Save them, plant them, protect them.
  • Trees are the best gift; protect them.
  • Let’s give some time to plant new trees each day.
  • Trees are always nice to us. Be nice to them.
  • Plant trees, cuz they are vital.
  • More trees… a better tomorrow.
  • Make your tomorrow better with more trees.
  • Plant trees, save your tomorrow.
  • Planting trees. Great tomorrow.
  • Save the earth, save greeneries.
  • Save plants, save trees, save greeneries.
  • Greeneries make this earth more lively.
  • Keep the earth beautiful and lively by planting trees.
  • Come with me, plant a new tree.
  • Plant new trees. Add more days to your life.
  • Add a new plant, add a new friend.
  • Plant a tree. Make your future breathe for free.
  • Get set ready, plant a tree.
  • Stop destroying nature, start planting more.
  • Go green. Go healthy.
  • Go green. Remain healthy.
  • Plant more trees, and make this planet healthy.
  • Be kind to mother nature. Plant new trees.
  • Green planet. Healthy planet.
  • Build a pollution-free environment, and plant more trees.



Slogans About Tree Plantation

As mentioned previously, more and more tree plantation needs to be encouraged to continue life on this planet. People don’t really realize the severity of this matter; hence it is your job to make them aware of it using the following slogans.

  • A tree is a collective property so do take care of it.
  • Plant a tree, grow a flower.
  • Keep planting trees for the better future of your kids.
  • Trees are the root of our existence.
  • The best time to plant a tree is just now.
  • Think of the long haul, don’t let the trees fall!
  • Always stop cutting off trees.
  • What will you hug when there are no more trees?
  • 1,2,3,4 Plant a tree once more.
  • One family, one child but plant more and more trees.
  • Trees are living being so be friendly with them.
  • Tree plantation is a lifestyle, not a one-time campaign.
  • Trees of today were planted by your forefathers so follow their suit.
  • In planting trees if you take PAIN, there will be more oxygen and abundant Rain.
  • Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.


The purpose of putting a number of tree plantation slogans together is because this issue is very crucial. The trees are essential for the maintenance of the ecosystem, and many people don’t get this that they’re putting everyone’s life at risk. We also need to speak for the animals for whom these trees are the only shelter, we cannot take this all away from them. Lastly, I would like to tell you that there has already a lot of damage been done and now the only thing we can do to recover this damage is to use the slogans above and encourage one another to plant more trees. A tree is a collective property so do take care of it!



Frequently Asked Questions on Tree Plantation Slogans


In the past, we have shared slogans on saving trees to educate people to take care of trees instead of cutting them down. In this post, we will share Catchy tree plantation slogans to motivate people to plant more trees. Read them and also share them with your friends.

  • Plant a tree, so that the next generation can get air for free.
  • Take care of the trees, they will take care of you.
  • Trees are on, and global warming has gone.
  • Save trees, and live an active lifestyle.
  • Save trees, save a life.
  • Save trees, save nature.
  • Plant a tree today; it will help us breathe tomorrow.
  • Plant more trees; make the environment pollution free.
  • One two three… plant a new tree.
  • Cut down one… plant three.
  • No life without trees. Save your life.
  • Save trees. Save your next generation.


What is a tree plantation called?

Afforestation is the process of planting a large number of trees for increasing forest cover, while deforestation is the process of cutting trees in large numbers from the forest. So, the correct answer is ‘Afforestation’


How do you make tree plantation awareness?

We should make people aware of tree plantation by using different media like television, the internet, Facebook, etc. Use these slogans mentioned above on these sources of media.

People need to be educated about the importance of trees and that every individual should play his/her role to protect the existing trees and also plant more. Frequent awareness campaigns need to be run all over the world to aware people. Slogans on tree plantations can motivate people to plant more trees.



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