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290 Unique Energy Conservation Slogans, Taglines & Posters



Energy demand is increasing rapidly worldwide, and if not controlled, it will lead to energy shortages. Even today, many countries are facing problems with energy shortages. We can minimize energy usage by taking small measures. Using less energy has financial and environmental benefits.

To minimize energy use, we need to educate people to use energy only when needed most. For this purpose, save energy campaigns need to be run worldwide. Energy Conservation Slogans can be used on posters and banners in these campaigns as they catch people’s attention very quickly, and the message in slogans sticks in their minds for a long time.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 55+ save energy slogans. You can use these slogans in any campaign. Don’t forget to share them with your friends. 


Catchy Energy Conservation Slogans

Save Energy means Save Money

Save Today – Survive Tomorrow

Be polite. Turn off the light.

Shun wasting time, save the energy

Cherish the earth through energy conservation.

Be turned on —– turn it off !!

Save energy, save Earth!

Conserve energy to preserve the future.

Saving energy is the way to be


Save Energy Slogans


10 Slogans on Conservation of Energy

Afraid of future? Then conserve energy today

Rock your world by saving energy

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Conservation: It doesn’t cost. It saves

Think. Act. Save

Turn off the lights, wasting electricity bites

Saving energy TODAY will make TOMORROW bright

Conservation’s Power

Save power and carry on

Turn off the light when outside it’s bright


Save Energy Slogans. Turn off the light when outside it’s bright


Saving energy is our job, we must remember to turn it off!


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Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage

The power to save is all around you

The less you burn, the more you earn

You can’t live without it, save it

Save energy, make it a habit

Pull the plug and you’ll feel smug

Take control of your energy bills

Live Green. Save Green


Save Energy Slogans. Live Green. Save Green


Save energy, save the world

If It’s Not In Use, Turn off the Juice!

Conserve energy, achieve synergy

For a better tomorrow, save energy today

Let’s start Conserving Energy

Energy serves you the way you deserve

SAVE Energy, Save Mankind

Energy saved today is asset for future

Conserve to Preserve


Save Energy Slogans. Conserve to Preserve


Energy saved is energy produced

Save energy, Preserve nature

Don’t be Fuelish!

Kill your energy bill

Do what’s right. Turn off the light

Waste Not. Wanna Lot

Do the Earth a favor. Be a power saver

Flick the switch

Conservation, not Deprivation

Energy is precious, save it


Save Energy Slogans. Energy is precious, save it


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Don’t waste, Just save

Shut it off when not in use

Energy misused cannot be excused

Save energy to be saved in future

A thing which burns never returns

Save energy right to make future bright

Energy is the future. Make it bright

Save energy to save humankind on earth

Light up your life, and your savings too


Save Energy Slogans. Light up your life, and your savings too


Save Energy for Future Slogans

Make energy conservation a worldwide motivation

Wasting of power is an invitation to future darkness

Save energy and save the earth for future generations

Power: Don’t take it for granted!!!

Energy is the most vital resource, save it

Save energy and make future generations live

Manage energy usage to retain happiness in the future

A stitch in time saves energy

Conserve energy, reserve life on the earth

Energy. Save it. Now.

Love your wife & save energy.

Save energy to save life on earth in the future

Thank you for saving energy

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Save Energy Slogans. Thank you for saving energy


Don’t switch on the light when outside is bright

It’s in your hands, save it

Save energy to enjoy tomorrow

Save energy & Rule

Love the Mother Earth and save energy

Be Cool – Save Energy and Fuel

Be the energy saver for Earth’s favour

Energy is to life

Follow all the possible rules to save energy

Save energy before it’s too late


Save Energy Slogans. Save energy before it’s too late


Save energy today to use it tomorrow

Saving energy saves you money

Stop energy misuse and do energy conservation

Conserve energy, save money

Think about energy conservation

Keep calm & save energy

Let electric devices off when they are not in use

I want you to save energy

You will not be excused for your energy misuse

Always turn off when not needed


Save Energy Slogans. Always turn off when not needed


Save energy! Don’t be foolish and fuelish

It’s an energy thing, you wouldn’t understand

Save energy today to better survive tomorrow

Energy conserved is energy produced

Save energy, save money, save planet, save life!

Save energy or die!!!

Save energy, live green

Energy conservation is the only solution

Save energy to save Mother Earth

A Gallon Saved is $3.00 Earned

Save energy, save assets for the future


Save Energy Slogans. Save energy, save assets of future


Save Energy Slogans

For your better tomorrow, save energy.

There is no excuse for energy misuse

Leaks make your future bleak

Turn off the light for future delight

Don’t wait: Hibernate

Save energy reduce the level of global warming

Energy earns or burns, the choice is yours

There is a thin line between using energy and wasting energy

Imagine life without energy – Save Energy

Conserve energy and make life better, cooler & brighter

The answer to a brighter, better, awesome future? CONSERVATION


Energy Conservation Posters with Slogans

Practice conservation for the future generation

Think globally, act locally


You Have the Power to Conserve


Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet


Life is Energy. Energy is Life

Saving energy is easy at home & at work

Keep calm and conserve energy

Energy saved is energy generated

The time is now, do something

Save energy or die!




Save Energy Slogans That Rhymes


Be polite. Turn off the light

The less you burn, the more you earn

Save Today – Survive Tomorrow

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Pull the plug and you’ll feel smug

Save one unit a day, keep power cut away

Live Green. Save Green

Save energy, save the world

Conserve energy, achieve synergy


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