37 Great Pet Adoption Slogans & Sayings

Pet Adoption Slogans & Sayings

Previously in our animal care slogans post, we presented slogans to educate and motivate people to love and take care of animal instead of abusing them.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 37+ Pet adoption slogans. These slogans are best to create awareness among people to adopt homeless pets and also pets living in shelters.

Also these slogans can encourage people to adopt pets by letting them know that they are in need of love and care. Don’t forget to share these slogan with your friends.


Pet Adoption Slogans


All you need is love … And a dog


A shelter pet wants to meet you


Keep calm and Adopt a pet


Help animals today… become a volunteer!


Looking for a good time? Adopt a shelter dog


Help give the shelter animals a second chance!


Looking for unconditional love? Visit the shelter today!


A house is not a home until there’s a dog in it. Adopt a shelter dog.


Saving a life will change yours. Adopt.


Shelter pets want to get their friends adopted


Life is better with a dog. Adopt.


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May the fur be with you


Recycle, Love, Adopt a shelter pet


Adopt animals in need


Adopt a Forever Friend today!


Adopt me, I am worthy to adopt

Pet Adoption Slogans-1



A friend in need is a friend indeed


Adopt me, I will love you

Pet Adoption Slogans-2



Adopt me and save my life


No better option than adoption

Pet Adoption Slogans-3



Save me, adopt me


Adopt, we both need the love


Be an angel for pets

Pet Adoption Slogans-5



Save the Pups!


Be the first to adopt pets


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I am very lucky, I was adopted

Pet Adoption Slogans-4



Adopt, Don’t Shop


Adopt them, they need our attention


Adopting a pet is a good deed


Adoption can change their life


Help save the pets


Help pets in need


Don’t let love go to waste. Adopt.


Save a life, adopt a homeless pet


Choose adoptions always


Adopt, get a new best friend


Dogs are helpful, not painful


Love me, love my adopted dog


If this video about a shelter dog doesn’t move you, check your pulse!