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300 Best Slogans Against Animal Abuse & Animal Cruelty Slogans



Slogans for animal abuse raise voices against bad behavior with animals. Treating animals with care is the job of every citizen. Being good with animals is a sign of a good culture and community. Slogans emphasize not to hurt animals and treat them with kindness. In this post, we are going to share with you a list of the Best Slogans Against Animal Abuse. These slogans can be used in anti-animal abuse awareness campaigns and protests.


Animal Abuse Slogans

  • Join us; stop animals hunting
  • If you are what you eat, does that make you Dead Meat!
  • Stop animal abuse and be a hero
  • Eat beans not beings
  • Feed animals, don’t eat animals
  • Don’t breed or buy, while shelter animals die
  • Punish the deed, not the breed
  • Know Compassion, Know Peace
  • Be the voice they wish they had, make the choice they wish they could
  • Cage for prisoners, not for animals
  • I love animals, do you?
  • Live long and save animals


Animal Abuse Slogans


Stop Animal Abuse Slogans

  • Being cruel isn’t cool
  • Don’t hurt, rescue animals
  • We can judge the heart of a man by how he treats animals
  • If you had to kill the cow yourself, you’d eat tofu
  • Animals are in need
  • Feed it, don’t eat it
  • Speak for the Unspeakable
  • Keep the beauty alive
  • Now time to end Violence against Animals
  • Abusing animals =  loosing animals


Animal Abuse Slogans. Stop beating Animals


Anti-Animal Abuse Slogans

  • People who abuse animals barely stop there
  • Stand for Animal Rights!
  • Cruelty is one fashion statement we can do without
  • No excuse for animal abuse
  • Shoot animals with camera, not with gun
  • Don’t choose to abuse!
  • Join the protest – Stop animal testing
  • Pets for Peace, not Beats
  • Fight for the animals right
  • Don’t be a loser, stop the Animal abuser


Animal Abuse Slogans. Love me, don’t eat me


Funny Animal Abuse Slogans

  • Say no to animal abuse
  • Don’t treat animals the way you don’t want to be treated
  • Be an everyday hero, stop animal abuse
  • Respect animals
  • Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
  • God created animals, love them
  • Hunting is not a sport
  • Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.
  • I Stand for animals rights
  • Are clothes to kill for?



Slogans Against Animal Abuse

  • Love me, don’t eat me
  • Fur belongs to the animals who were wearing it first
  • Take out the blindness, show a little kindness, evolve up the ladder, get conscious- animals matter
  • Do not neglect, protect! Slowly see the affect, as the animals reconnect!
  • Stop beating Animals
  • Join hands to save animals
  • Help with your local animal abuse
  • Save animals, they will save you
  • Do not buy animals from pet shops this increases puppy mills
  • Don’t kill the beauty of jungle
  • Forests – Home for Animals


Animal Abuse Slogans. Animals feel pain too


Abused Animals Poster Slogans

  • He who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love
  • Compassion for All Creatures
  • Animals are my friends and I don’t wear my friends
  • Animal activists unite as one. We won’t stop fighting until the war is won.
  • Stop animal abuse
  • Animals feel pain too
  • Cage the animal abusers
  • Animals are your neighbors on this earth, respect them!
  • Adopt, Rescue, Love forever
  • Raise your voice to save animals
  • Don’t act blindly, treat us kindly



Against Animal Abuse Slogans

  • Rescued is my favorite breed
  • Killing for recreation is obscene
  • A hamburger stops a beating heart
  • Keep calm and love animals
  • God loved the birds and created trees, we created Cages for birds
  • Animal abuser is a looser
  • Animals are my friends and I don’t hurt my friends
  • Save the animals!
  • Being animal Abuser isn’t cool
  • Animal rights, not wrongs


A hamburger stops a beating heart


Animal Abuse Prevention Slogans

  • Friends don’t chain friends
  • Protect nature’s beauties!
  • Fake for the animals sake
  • Humans aren’t the only species on Earth, We just act like it!
  • Love us, don’t eat us
  • Let’s save animals
  • Animals, abuse them and you will lose them
  • Never wear anything that panics the cat



Animal Cruelty Slogans

  • For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other
  • Feed, don’t abuse animals
  • Give Peas a chance!
  • Because we love animals
  • Pets for Peace, Don’t abuse
  • Adopt Animals, Don’t abuse them
  • We may not understand animal speech, but they understand human actions
  • Treat animals like your family members
  • Never choose to abuse!


Never choose to abuse!




Frequently Asked Questions


What is the slogan for cruelty against animals?

Here are the slogans for cruelty against animals:

  1. Respect animals
  2. Save the animals!
  3. Stop animal abuse
  4. Animals are in need
  5. Give Peas a chance!
  6. Let’s save animals
  7. Stop beating Animals
  8. Eat beans not beings
  9. Keep the beauty alive
  10. Animals feel pain too


What is a famous quote about animal abuse?

A famous quote about animal abuse is, “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Men’s behavior with animals shows his character and abusive behavior with humans. As a kind, men will hurt, beat, or kill an animal.


What are 2 slogans on save animals?

Here are the 2 slogans on save animals:

  • End animal abuse now
  • Only losers abuse animals.


What is the name for animal abuse?

The other name for animal abuse is animal cruelty or neglect. Animal shows the extinction of animals from Earth because of human abusive behavior. Erasing forest destroy the homes of animals, causing them to die from hunger.


How to Make an Animal Abuse Slogan?

Make animal abuse slogans by following these steps:

  1. Write a clear message
  2. Keep it short, simple, and catchy
  3. Use rhyming strong keyword
  4. Focus on empathy, kindness, and behavior of men
  5. Must create an impact on the public by keeping it memorable.



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