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250 Top Save Girl Child Slogans and Save Girl Child Sayings



Girls are pillars of society. Continuation of life is not possible without them. A small girl child can be a good daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother in the future. If we kill the girls before birth or do not take care of them after birth then we will not get a loving daughter, sister, wife or mother in the future. In this article we will be covering the most catchy Save Girl Child Slogans and powerful Save Girl Child sayings.



Catchy Save Girl Child Slogans

  • Girls are pearls
  • They are graceful!
  • No boys without girl
  • Women are wonderful!
  • Girls smile is fading
  • Who’s He Gonna Marry?
  • Girls are angels, save them
  • Save the Girl from the Grave
  • GIRL means Gift In Real Life
  • A girl child, a uncut diamond
  • Men & Women are treated Equal
  • We will certainly need mothers
  • If not a girl , then how a boy?
  • Daughter is a daughter for life




Top 10 Save Girl Child Slogans

  1. Save Girl Child, Show your Humanism
  2. A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on
  3. Let them see this world
  4. Girls Are Gold Not To Be Sold
  5. No girl – No mother – No life
  6. I have dreams too, save me
  7. We need Moms
  8. Save girl child, Think world without US
  9. Act Now! You can be a Graver Saver!
  10. I want you to save girl child 


Save Girl Child Slogans. Little Girls are Heavens Flowers


Save Girl Child Sayings

Unfortunately, girl child is not being treated well in our society. We have to raise our voices for them. Sayings on save girl child are given below. These Save Girl Child sayings can be used in Save Girl Child awareness campaigns and other social media posts.

  • They should be appreciated, admired, respected!
  • They have compassion and concern for fellow beings!
  • From a child to a mother, let us give a path for her!
  • She makes the world bright, but still struggles to see light.
  • Every Man Needs a Mother, Wife, Sister Then Why Not a Daughter?
  • A Female Has the Right to Her Body, Even If She’s Still in The Womb
  • Should mother, should sister, should wife – then why shouldn’t daughter?
  • For the betterment of the future life, Save girl child,make future bright




Save Daughters Slogans

  • Girls are precious, save their lives.
  • Stop gender bias, save the girl child.
  • Her worth is priceless, let her shine.
  • Let girls blossom, save the girl child.
  • Girls bring hope, save their existence.
  • Break the silence, save the girl child.
  • Empower her dreams, save the girl child.
  • Empower her dreams, save the girl child.
  • Educate a girl, uplift the whole nation.
  • Stand up for girls, end gender violence.
  • Invest in girls, build a better tomorrow.
  • Cherish daughters, safeguard their future.



Clever Save Girl Child Slogans

  • Save a girl to save tomorrow.
  • Save girl child, save tomorrow.
  • No Girl! No Woman! Thus no life.
  • Girls are strength, not a burden.
  • Don’t act wild, save girl child.
  • Save a girl child and help her to fly.
  • Don’t kill a girl, let her see world.
  • Think out of box and save a girl child.
  • Preserve girlhood, save the girl child.
  • Save girl child, save future generations.
  • Save girls child, save life on the earth.
  • Empower her choices, save the girl child.
  • Let your girl child to fly but not to cry!
  • If there is a daughter, there is tomorrow!
  • Girls are warriors, safeguard their rights.
  • Empathy over prejudice, save the girl child.
  • Let’s unite for girls, secure their lives.


Save Girl Child Slogans. Save the Gal from the Grave


Frequently Asked Questions about Save Girl Child Slogans


What is the best slogans for Save girl child?

  1. Let them to live
  2. We live in a society
  3. Children are precious
  4. Don’t be a murderer
  5. Stop judging by gender
  6. Gender is not a choice
  7. Save life, no matter what
  8. Girls are not insignificant
  9. They have the right to live
  10. Don’t understand the power of a girl

What is the slogan of the national girl child?

  1. Gift of god 
  2. Learn from nature 
  3. Don’t kill, save her 
  4. Respect the girl child 
  5. Don’t go beyond nature
  6. The creature made by god 
  7. The girl only gives birth 
  8. Girls are also human being 
  9. The girl has a right to live 
  10. It’s a crime, takes no time



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