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90 Powerful Save Girl Child Slogans and Sayings

Girls are pillars of society. Continuation of life is not possible without them. A small girl child can be a good daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother in the future. If we kill the girls before birth or do not take care of them after birth then we will not get a loving daughter, sister, wife or mother in the future.

Unfortunately, girl child is not being treated well in our society. We have to raise our voice for them. Slogans on save girl child are given in this post. These save girl child slogans can be used in save girl child awareness campaigns.


Save Girl Child Slogans


Girls are pearls


GIRL means Gift In Real Life


Little Girls are Heavens Flowers


Save Girl Child Slogans. Little Girls are Heavens Flowers


They are graceful!


Women are wonderful!


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Daughters are flowers that are forever in bloom


Girls are giggles with freckles all over them


A baby girl is one of the god’s most precious gifts


No girl – so, no mother – ultimately no life


Save Girl Child Slogans


Girl Is Like A Butterfly, Then Why Making Them Cry!


Daughter is a daughter for life


Be bold to stop violence. Show your concern for the girl child


Care, because she does it selflessly


Joy at every stage, Welcome the baby girl


Save the future mothers and grandmothers. Save Girls


Don’t be cold, Girls are worth more than gold!


Save Girl Child Slogans. Dont be cold, Girls are worth more than gold!


Save Girl Child “Think a World without Us”


Girls Are Great, Don’T Destroy Their Fate


Girls smile is fading


A Daughter Is One Of The Most Beautiful Gifts


Girls are not emails so don’t delete them


Save the cheerleader, save the world


Girls are angels, save them


Save Girl Child Slogans. Girls are angels, save them


We will certainly need mothers


A Girl Child Brings Joy, She Is No Less Than A Boy


Pretty dresses Little Curls, Oh thank heaven for little girls!


Our Daughter Is The Knot That Ties The Family Together


Save The Future Mothers And Grandmothers. Save Girls!


Graver Favor! Please help us save the girl!


Save the Girl from the Grave


Save Girl Child Slogans. Save the Gal from the Grave


Girls You Can’t Replace, Their Future Don’t Erase


When you kill a girl, you kill many others


Don’t Let Their Lives End Before It Even Begins


Listen my cry, let me go to fulfill my dreams


Save the girl child or think of world without them


Girls you Should Embrace, Their Future Don’t Erase


Daughter, a most beautiful gift from the GOD


Save Girl Child Slogans. Daughter, a most beautiful gift from the GOD


Save girl child – Save future mother – Save future sister – Save future wife


Say no to abortion, save girl child


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Saving girl child is like saving the upcoming generations


A girl child, a uncut diamond


Let Your Daughter Grow, Be Her Friend Not Her Foe


A Baby Girl, One of The Most Beautiful Miracles In Life


Save Girl Child Slogans. A Baby Girl, One of The Most Beautiful Miracles In Life


Let me live – Let me bloom – Let me shine like beautiful moon


Don’t be cruel Oh Selfish! – Let me swim like colorful fish


Men & Women are treated Equal


Kill girl child today and there will be no girls left tomorrow


If not a girl , then how a boy?


They are care takers of family and society!


Girls: Pretty In Pink, Don’T Put Their Life On The Brink


No boys without girl


Save Girl Child Slogans. No boys without girl


When You Kill A Girl You Kill Many Others


Save girls to save future generations


A girl, not only educate herself, educate the whole nation


Girl child are like rose petals, save them


Let me see this beautiful earth – Please don’t kill me before birth


We love girlfriend but not daughter – Strange but true


Please help by doing a graver saver favor!


Save Girl Child Slogans. Please help by doing a graver saver favor!


Don’t be cold, Girls are worth more than gold


Whether It’S A Girl Or A Boy, They Will Bring You Lots Of Joy


Girls are coldness of father’s eyes


Without girls, Life can’t continue


Save the girl child and insure the future


Who’s He Gonna Marry?

Top 10 Save Girl Child Slogans


  • Save Girl Child, Show your Humanism
  • A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on
  • Let them see this world
  • Girls Are Gold Not To Be Sold
  • No girl – No mother – No life
  • I have dreams too, save me
  • We need Moms
  • Save girl child, Think world without US
  • Act Now! You can be a Graver Saver!
  • I want you to save girl child 


Save Girl Child Sayings


Every Man Needs a Mother, Wife, Sister Then Why Not a Daughter?


Man thinks he is a “HERO” but if he kills “HER” he’ll just remain a “O”


A Female Has the Right to Her Body, Even If She’s Still in The Womb


Should mother, should sister, should wife – then why shouldn’t daughter?


For the betterment of the future life, Save girl child,make future bright


Don’t let a girl part from a mothers hold, they are worth way more than gold


They have compassion and concern for fellow beings!


Daughters Are ANGLES Sent from Above to Fill Our HEART with Unending LOVE


They should be appreciated, admired, respected!


A girl is whole by all means, not a toy by any means, Underneath her hair and make-up there is sign that says: handle with care


She makes the world bright, but still struggles to see light.


Girls are the spirit of our nation,save them and stop their exploitation.


The Beauty Of A Girl Cannot Be Mimicked, Fabricated Or Created By Human Means, It Only Occurs Naturally


From a child to a mother, let us give a path for her!


Every Guy Needs a Girl and A Mother! If You Kill All the Girls, Will You Marry YOUR BROTHER?


Life Is Beautiful & Fulfilling If Supported By Your Mother, Sister, Wife & Daughter. So Save The Girl Child.


Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice, Erase Girls From The Future And We’Ll All Pay The Price


A son is a son till he gets her wife, but a daughter is a daughter for her whole life.


You want mother, you want sister, you want wife, why don’t you don’t want a daughter?


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