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45 Great Save Earth Slogans & Sayings

Without the Earth, we and other organisms have no place to live. If we don’t save the Earth now may be our children might not be able to see it in future. Our atmosphere is weakening and we have to do something to save it. Everyone has to play his role to save our home planet. There are many things that everyone can do like planting trees, burning lesser fossil fuels, using solar and wind energy etc.

Save earth slogans are a great tool that can be utilized during save earth awareness campaigns. Below is a list of 45 great save earth slogans and taglines:


Save Earth Slogans


Save paper – Save tree – Save earth




Recycling & Bicycling will save the earth


Love the earth like your mother




Save earth, forget the rest


Green Earth – Happy Earth


Protect the earth for next generations


Think green – Go green


Save earth – Save yourself




Save earth – Save future


Save earth, say it to all


Keep the earth clean


Don’t panic, go green




Save earth and go green


Let’s join hands to save earth


Go green and save green


Protect earth for coming generations


Act like you live here




One chance, save earth


Stand up for the earth


Keep your surroundings green, make the earth green


Green earth, better earth


Save earth for next birth




Earth hates pollution


Global warming, not a good idea


Be polite, save the earth


Don’t burn yourself




Which one is better, warm planet or green planet?


Join hands to stop global warming


Stop pollution – Stop global warming


Say no to global warming


Recycle, don’t burn




Raise your voice to save earth


Focus on earth for your future


Love the earth, it’s the only choice


Help, earth is dying slowly




It’s your planet, go green


Keep the earth clean


Don’t let your future dry up


Save earth, save life


Earth online – Earth offline


Be a earth lover




Hey Dad, plant a tree for me!


Life is possible only on earth, protect it


Let’s vote for earth


Protect earth, protect life


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