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Great Save Tiger Slogans & Taglines

The tiger is the largest member of the felid (cat) family. They sport long, thick reddish coats with white bellies and white and black tails. Existence of this brave & beautiful animal is in danger and if killing of tigers in not stopped, they will become a history and our future generations will not be able to see them.

Save Tiger Slogans  

We need to raise our voice to protect tigers. Save tiger campaigns are the best way to discourage the killing of tigers. Save tigers slogans in save tigers campaigns can be very helpful to convey the message. We have collected a list of save tiger slogans & taglines for these type of campaigns. Use them and also share them with your friends.


  • Tigers are in need

  • Raise your voice to save tigers

  • Kill one tiger =  Kill all tigers


  • Use only cameras to shoot the tiger


  • Fight for the tiger’s right

  • Tigers feel pain too

  • Tigers are going to be a part of history, save them

  • Save Tigers, so your children can see them


  • Don’t kill the beauty of jungle

  • Join hands to save tigers

  • Don’t kill tigers for your greed, it’s a need of our planet

  • Save tiger – Save life – Save planet

  • Let’s save tigers

  • Save Tigers NOW

  • Save the Tigers before they are silenced forever


  • Live long & save tigers

  • Live & let live

  • No kingdom without the King – Save Tigers


  • There’s a Tiger out there who thinks you’re are terrific!

  • Save Tigers, Let them live

  • Nature is not against Tigers, why are you?

  • Cause an uproar to save tigers!

  • Don’t let me disappear

  • Keep calm & don’t kill tigers

  • Keep calm & help tigers

  • Please help save tigers

  • Together we can save tigers

  • Stay strong & save the tigers

  • Don’t be wild to tigers, help save them

  • Buy fake fur, save a tiger
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