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57 Great Save Tiger Slogans & Sayings

In our previous post, we presented wildlife conservation slogans that can be used in save wildlife awareness campaigns.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 57+ save tiger slogans to raise voice against tigers killing and hunting.

There are only 3,890 tigers left and we need to run campaigns all around the world to raise our voice and to pressurize the governments to take action against tigers killing and hunting. Governments should also take necessary measures to increase the numbers in future.

Feel free to use these slogans in any type of campaign and don’t forget to share these slogan with your friends.

Save Tiger Slogans  


Tigers are in need


Act before it vanishes forever


Protect and respect


Save Tiger Slogans


Can we keep them wild and free?


Help save the king


Once the tiger is history, it won’t repeat itself…


Let’s save tigers


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Save Tigers NOW


I love tigers, Do you?


I want you to save tigers


Save Tiger Slogans. I want you to save tigers


Raise your voice to save tigers


When the buying of the


Keep calm and stop killing tigers


The tigers are dying, help them


Save the tigers, let us raise awareness together


Cause an uproar to save tigers!


Keep calm and help save tigers


Keep calm and save the tigers


Join hands together to save tigers


Save Tiger Slogans. Join hands together to save tigers


Save the tigers, save the world


Don’t let me disappear


Keep calm & don’t kill tigers


Keep calm & help tigers


Please help save tigers


Together we can save tigers


Kill one tiger =  Kill all tigers




Stop wildlife crime, it’s dead serious


Don’t be wild to tigers, help save them!


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Together we can save them


Shoot me, but with a camera


Save tigers facing extinction


Use only cameras to shoot the tiger




Fight for the tiger’s right


Tigers feel pain too


Tigers are going to be a part of history, save them


Be happy and save the tigers


Keep calm and fight for the tigers


Come on, let’s save tigers


Save Tigers, so your children can see them




Don’t kill the beauty of jungle


Join hands to save tigers


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Don’t kill tigers for your greed, it’s a need of our planet


Save tiger – Save life – Save planet


Save the Tigers before they are silenced forever




Live long & save tigers


Stop hunting before they perish, preserve tigers


Let us keep the tigers in jungles & not in history, save tigers


Tigers are one of a kind, so please keep them in mind.


Live & let live


No kingdom without the King – Save Tigers




There’s a Tiger out there who thinks you’re are terrific!


Save Tigers, Let them live


Nature is not against Tigers, why are you?


Stay strong & save the tigers


Don’t be wild to tigers, help save them


Buy fake fur, save a tiger


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