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70 Best Recycle Slogans and Sayings With Pictures



In this post, we’re going to share with you a list of 70+ Recycle slogans.

Recycling is an essential step that must be taken in a country where tonnes of waste is produced. Americans make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year and 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable. We need to raise awareness about the importance of recycling to reduce environmental pollution and to help tackle climate change.

These recycle or recycling slogans being short, catchy and memorable can help in raising awareness in a fun way.


Recycle & Recycling Slogans


Keep calm & recycle


Recycling is everyone’s responsibility




It’s a recycling thing, you wouldn’t understand


Reduce reuse recycle


Recycle material, not ideas


Think before you trash, Recycle


Happiness is recycling


Recycle for a life cycle!


Think globally, act locally!


Love your wife & Recycle




Recycling is a habit of cool people


Never refuse to reuse


Recycle, recycle, recycle, it’s the only way to go


Give a Damn……Recycle your can


Don’t be a punk! Recycle your junk!


Once is not enough, recycle


Mom says, Recycle




Time to think of Recycling


Recycling is fun!!!


Bin less, recycle more


Shut up & recycle


Go green with recycling…


Recycling is the way to be


Don’t be trashy, Recycle




Recycling is easy!


Recycle or die!!!


Recycling is a mind-blowing idea


Don’t trash our future: Recycle


Eat, Sleep, Recycle


Recycle it, don’t trash it


It’s a small planet, Recycle


Dude, Recycling is not that hard




When you refuse to reuse, it’s our Earth you abuse


Recycle, It’s your Future


Keep calm & Recycling on


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Don’t forget to recycle


Our future depends on Recycling


It’s all about recycling


Recycling Slogans


Recycle today for a better tomorrow


Recycling is the only option


Recycling is a simple act with many benefits


Recycle, reduce, reuse … close the loop!


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With Recycling; the possibilities are endless


Recycling is the best solution


Wise people do recycling


Recycling, a cool thing to do


Keep calm & always recycle


Think outside the trash…Recycle!


Recycling Slogans. Think outside the trash…Recycle!


You are the Difference – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Waste is a terrible thing to mind, recycle


Don’t sling it. Recycle it


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Have you hugged Your recycle bin today?




Time is the only thing we can’t recycle


Think Smart, Think Green – Recycle!


Recycling Is The Key to A Clean And Safe Environment


Make Our Planet a cleaner place to live…..Recycle


Recycling Slogans. Make Our Planet a cleaner place to live.....Recycle


Recycling is reincarnation for rubbish


Got pollution? be the solution!…RECYCLE


Be Nostalgic, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


What goes around, comes around again


Recycling yeah yeah yeah


Recycling Sayings


“If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling.” -ED BEGLEY, JR.


“What’s more important than recycling? Producing something to recycle.” -Gordon Osmond


“There is no such thing as “away.” When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” -Annie Leonard


“It started as a selfish act and has turned into a way of life. I can’t stand to watch someone throw anything away that belongs in my green bin.” -Jen Hatmaker


“All the human and animal manure which the world wastes, if returned to the land, instead of being thrown into the sea, would suffice to nourish the world.” -Victor Hugo


“Recycling turns things into other things. Which is like MAGIC.” -ANONYMOUS


“Thanks to my mother, not a single cardboard box has found its way back into society. We receive gifts in boxes from stores that went out of business twenty years ago.” -Erma Bombeck


“The recycling movement is floundering, and its survival depends on continual subsidies, sermons and policing. How can you build a sustainable city with a strategy that can’t even sustain itself?” – John Tierney


“When people realize responsible recycling is not only the right thing to do for the environment and for future humankind, but that it also makes money for the town, they know it’s just better for all of us.” -Michael Serra


“Any realistic recycling scheme will require some form of prior separation since any attempt to pick through significant quantities of crude waste for recoverable is both impossible and even potentially hazardous. So the waste producers must be encouraged to keep separate those items destined for recycling, and this, in turn, leads to separate collections or special vehicles, both expensive activities.” -A. G. Manser


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