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75 Best Earth Day Slogans

Below are the 75 Best Earth Day Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Earth Day Every Day


  • Earth Day Is The World’s Birthday!


  • A clean earth is a happy earth!

  • Think green, keep it clean

  • Reuse & recycle, save our planet, think green

  • Clean up the earth, it’s the only home we have


  • Give a hoot — don’t pollute

  • Remember tomorrow, recycle today

  • Modern technology owes ecology an apology

  • Think green not grey on Earth Day


  • Breathe out and make a tree happy

  • Keep your surroundings clean, make the earth green

  • Mother Earth, she gave us birth


  • Live and let live

  • Save earth, save mankind

  • May the Forest be With You


  • If it dies, we die with it

  • Hug a tree


  • Protect our earth today for our children’s’ tomorrow

  • Love the earth: it’s the only one we’ve got


  • The Earth is fine, it is the people that are in trouble!

  • Earth is our prime source of life, try to keep it alive, or otherwise we will die


  • Save earth, save your mother


  • Reuse the Past, Recycle the Present, Save the Future

  • We have to start doing

  • We have to act!!!

  • Cleaner brighter greener


  • Our Earth, the future of our generation

  • If you don’t have faith, replace it with earth day!

  • Save earth, save life


  • If tried it can be better – our earth

  • Treat the earth how you want earth to treat you

  • Green is the new black

  • Earth Day – Take care of the earth and don’t be an A – hole

  • Love it or leave it

  • It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

  • If you like other planets, you’ll love earth

  • Save the earth! la la la! Save the earth! la la la!


  • Do you know what day is today? It’s EARTH DAY

  • We want you to recycle today. Why? It is EARTH DAY

  • Let’s help on EARTH DAY because it is important


  • Let’s choke it to DEATH…!

  • I’m green with envy for earth day

  • We’re going green for earth day


  • Earth, love it or leave it

  • I take my earth with a little blue sky

  • Fellow earthlings, it’s time to celebrate our planet

  • Its earth day, Dig it!

  • Save the world, it’s the only one with chocolate

  • Save the world, save yourself

  • Pollution is NOT a solution

  • Made on recyclable cardboard

  • Save Earth or Die!

  • Learn to recycle and use your bicycle?

  • Green is the new pink

  • Don’t trash our future

  • Happiness is being green

  • Earth is for all, we all have to take care of it

  • Doing something is better than doing nothing

  • Won’t anybody think about the children

  • Be a Green-inner

  • Earth Day April 22

  • One Earth – One Chance

  • What would YOU do for earth?”

  • The Earth is not the place for smoke

  • What on Earth Are You Doing for Earth Day?

  • Earth… What a Great Host

  • Earth – we’re having a party… You WILL be there

  • Earth Day… 24 hours to spin around so

  • Earth… I’m off… as soon as this spinning stops!

  • Earth… Air, fire and water where would they be without it?

  • Go green or I’ll scream

  • Keep Calm and save the Earth

  • We care for our Planet