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250 Christmas Slogans, Christmas Tree Slogans & Party Slogans



Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way” I know you are singing it too. This Christmas poem can be a Christmas slogan. Christmas day is celebrated on the 25 of December. People from all backgrounds, in one way or the other, celebrate Christmas. Writing joyous cards, postcards, greetings on social media, and cell phone Christmas slogans is a fundamental part of the festival.  To make Christmas more joyful, we have gathered a collection of Christmas slogans for you to greet and promote the event.



Catchy Christmas Slogans

  • Jolly holly-days to you and yours!
  • It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love
  • Feel the magic of Christmas
  • Santa Paws is coming to town
  • If you don’t believe, you won’t receive
  • Merry up and have your best Christmas ever!
  • Time for the mistletoe
  • Smart offers for smart people at Christmas
  • Is it too late to be good?
  • Dreaming of a white Christmas? shop with us
  • Christmas is the day that holds all time together
  • May you see many more
  • Have a very Meowy Christmas


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Clever Christmas Party Names


Funny Christmas Slogans

  • Jesus is the purpose behind the season!
  • All I want for Christmas is to attend _____’s annual party
  • Decorate your Christmas with joy!
  • We can hear the bells ringing!
  • May your days be filled with magic and cheer!
  • Your pocket-friendly store
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
  • Jingle bell all night long with us at the annual Christmas party
  • Christ is the reason for Christmas
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Christmas Eve in My Hometown
  • Let Santa’s helpers take the hustle out of holiday lights
  • My favorite eve of the year is Christmas eve.



Best Christmas Slogans for Advertising

  • Peace and joy sold here
  • It’s an awesome Christmas gift and it’s on sale
  • Have a simply beautiful holiday season
  • Great holiday specials
  • Indulge yourself in joy
  • Never Forget the Happiness of the Holidays
  • Naughty Is the New Nice
  • May the holidays bring your joy
  • The magic of the season
  • We have everything they want!
  • Laughing all the way
  • Perfect Gift for your Christmas
  • Hey dude, Christmas stuff
  • Come get ready for Christmas
  • New arrivals, just in time for Christmas




Christmas Marketing Slogans

  • Peace, Joy, and Love to You!
  • Let love and happiness fill our lives; it’s Christmas!
  • May all your days be happy and bright!
  • Dear Santa, I can explain…
  • Your savings is our duty on this Christmas
  • Make it a Jolly Holiday with those who you love
  • Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Buy now or cry later
  • Be festive, it’s Christmas here!
  • Get your wallets ready on this Christmas
  • Merry, Merry Christmas to you
  • Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip
  • Merry Kiss-mas!
  • On Santa’s good list!
  • Rejoice in His blessings!
  • HO! HO! Hope your holidays are filled with fun!



Christmas Safety Slogans

  • This the Season to Be Safe
  • Light up your tree, not your home
  • Don’t be a Scrooge! Get it fixed!
  • Be on Santa’s good list – be safe!
  • Santa likes a clean chimney. So do we.
  • Santa doesn’t do plaster casts
  • Christmas is best enjoyed at home, not in the hospital
  • The best gift you can give your family is YOU! Please be safe.
  • Only Santa has a magical vehicle – don’t drink and drive
  • Smoke detectors make great stocking stuffers!


Best Christmas Party Names


Cool Christmas Party Slogans

  • Be naughty, save Santa the trip
  • My Christmases have always just been very simple and about family
  • Want an EARLY Christmas Gift?
  • Come get ready for Christmas Party
  • Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a joyful holiday season
  • Come and clean us out on this Christmas
  • Light up your life; we’ll do the rest
  • Let’s hope all your regifting will go undetected this year
  • Deck the Halls with Billiard Balls
  • I saw mommy kissing Santa at our annual Christmas party
  • I hope you have a wonderful Christmas
  • New arrivals for Christmas
  • Welcome Christmas into your heart
  • Hope this season finds you all wrapped up in happy!
  • Spread joy and love, it’s the Christmas season!



Christmas Card Slogans

  • Christmas is the biggest E-greeting Day in the year
  • Classy Christmas
  • Check off your list before Santa Checks off his
  • Christmas comes but once a year. Join us for some holiday cheer!
  • Don’t buy from us unless you are not ready for success
  • Sorry Santa, Naughty just feels Nice!
  • Christmas Day is unique; share your affection and euphoria!
  • Your favorite products made affordable for you
  • Be jolly and make good cheer for Christmas comes but once a year
  • Decorate your Christmas with satisfaction!
  • Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling
  • Without you, all I am is helpless
  • All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
  • Christmas… hope yours is all about the merry!
  • It just isn’t Christmas without your family and friends
  • I’m the Reason for the Season!




Best Christmas Slogans for Shopping

  • Christmas Shopper complaints are long-standing.
  • Shop till You Drop
  • One-Stop Shopping
  • Perfect shopping time for you
  • Are you thinking about Christmas shopping yet?
  • At Christmas, you are supposed to get presents.



Christmas Food Drive Slogans

  • Eat, Drink, and Jingle like you mean it
  • Jingle bell time, it’s a swell time
  • Sugar and spice make Christmas nice!
  • Dear Santa, I’ve been good



Catchy Christmas Tree Slogans

  • Real Trees Make Sense
  • I lit up like a Christmas tree
  • Tree decorating with cats, O Christmas tree
  • How could you have Christmas without a Christmas tree, mom?
  • The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature
  • In the eyes of a child. Christmas is magical
  • The perfect Christmas tree, all Christmas trees are perfect



Christmas Business Slogans

  • Open Your Heart to Others
  • A wonderland of snow
  • Santa’s here to say ho ho ho to the New Year
  • I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
  • Christmas: Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Christmas just got cheesier
  • Make it a Jolly Holiday with…..



Trending Christmas Phrases

“Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.”  (Stephen Graham Jones)


“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” (Edna Ferber)


“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.”  (Dr. Seuss)


“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”  (Roy L. Smith)


“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” (Ruth Carter Stapleton)


“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”   (Elf)


“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.”  (Charles Dudley Warner)




Christmas has so many elements going on. The very fundamental part apart from Jesus is Santa Claus. Kids Always seem excited to receive gifts from him. Parents buy gifts for their children, and many kids spend a big part of their lives considering Santa. The concept is morale as this Gift-Giving promotes charity as well. Many people dress up as Santa visit Orphanages and distribute gifts while maintaining privacy to keep their deeds from showing off.  That makes it the time of the year to connect with the soul.

A meet-up with family on Christmas also provides a great break from the routine and helps connect with those whom we love. The day plays a very pivotal role in promoting Christianity throughout the world as well.  In conclusion, we all need Christmas to add color to our celebrations, and for Christmas, we need the best collection of Christmas slogans that we provide.  Merry Christmas!!!



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