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50 Catchy Friday Slogans and Sayings

In this post you will find 50 Catchy Friday Slogans and Friday Sayings.


Friday Slogans


Hello Friday, I’ve been waiting for you

It’s always Friday I love it here!

It’s Friday and I’m thirsty

Cheer Up dude, It’s Friday

Friday the best day

The bump before the hump

Friday, I’m in love.

Have a Happy Friday

Aloha Friday

Relax y’all. It’s Friday

Friday. My second favorite F word

Just shut up, It’s Friday

The famous F word we Thank God for every week, Friday!

Start the day with a smile and end it with a champagne

Let’s stay home, Its Friday

It’s Friday baby

It’s Friday bitches

Hands up if you love Fridays

No fear cuz Friday is here

Come on, It’s Friday

Friday, we love you

Friday is here. Let’s do this

Happy Friday Everyone Have A Fun Safe Weekend!

Just breathe, Its Friday

Change your thoughts and you change your world

Today is the perfect day to be happy

Oh Friday, let me hug you

Friday is my second favorite “F” word

Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day

Don’t keep calm, It’s Friday

Smile! It’s Friday!

It’s Friday, High Five!

it’s Friday i must Dance!

Whee, It’s Friday

Its Friday let’s Rock

Did Someone say Friday :O

May your Friday sparkle

I love Friday

Make your Awesome

Thursday, which is ‘Friday Eve’ in Optimisian

Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle, You can’t fail until you quit

I Friday had a face, I would kiss it

I love a wild Friday night


I Would Like to Thank God and Ice Cube for Friday!

Friday! Finally, I made it

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s All Done

I don’t do casual Fridays

Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring

Happy Fri-yay!

Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous

Smile Its Friday

Make today ridiculously amazing

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday

It’s Friday! I can’t wait to be ashamed of what I do this weekend

It is bad luck to fall out of a thirteenth story window on Friday

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