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31 Best & Catchy Earth Day Slogans & Taglines

Earth Day is an annual event which is celebrated on April 22. On earth day, events worldwide are organized to demonstrate support for earth. Earth day was first celebrated in 1970 and now it is celebrated annually in 192 countries. Earth day slogans can be used to create awareness among people regarding importance of earth.

Below are the 31 best and catchy earth day slogans & Taglines:


  • Plant a tree = plant a life

earth day slogans-Plant a tree, plant a life

  • Make everyday as earth day

  • Focus on earth for your future

earth day slogans-Focus on earth for your future

  • Keep the environment clean

  • Earth, we love you

  • Love the earth, it’s the only choice

earth day slogans-Love the earth, it’s the only choice

  • Hug a tree, it’s earth day

  • Help, earth is dying slowly

  • Save earth and go green

  • Let’s join hands on earth day

  • Go green and save green

  • Protect earth for coming generations

  • It’s your planet, go green

  • Keep the earth clean

  • Don’t let your future dry up

  • Everyday should be earth day

earth day slogans-Everyday should be earth day

  • Earth day is our day

  • Save earth, save life

  • Earth day online – Earth day offline

  • Keep calm, it’s earth day

  • Be a earth lover

earth day slogans-Be a earth lover

  • I’m lovin’ Earth day

  • Plant a tree, it’s earth day

  • Hey Dad, plant a tree for me!

  • Let’s celebrate Earth day

  • Join hands, it’s earth day

  • Life is possible only on earth, protect it

  • Let’s vote for earth

  • Protect earth, protect life

  • Clean environment for healthy life

  • At least plant one tree on earth day