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65 Catchy Vote Slogans & Voting Slogans



Some people don’t vote on the election day and then afterwards they complain about the government policies. Voting turnout in many countries is around 50% to 60% which is very low and it means that the election results could be different if turnout is about 80% to 90%. People have the power in the form of vote and they should use it.

Vote Slogans

Voting slogans are a good way to create awareness among public about their power and also to motivate them to vote for their favorite candidate. We have collected a list of 65 Cool Vote slogans for you. You should use them to create awareness among people. Also share them with your friends.


Your vote, Your Voice


VOTE, it’s your right!

Vote Slogans-1


If you don’t Vote you lose the right to complain

Vote Slogans-2


Vote! Let’s your voice be heard!


Rock the Vote


Be smart do your part, VOTE!


Your voice your VOTE

Vote Slogans-3


Vote, it’s your Right and Responsibility


Go Vote. Why don’t we VOTE?


Best Voting Sayings 


Feel proud to be a Voter. Be ready to Vote

Vote Slogans-4


I Vote because it’s my Right and Responsibility

Vote Slogans-5


I want you to Cast your VOTE


Your Vote your Future


Vote or Die


Have a vision? Make a right decision! VOTE!


Keep calm and Vote wisely


Vote like an adult


The real deal is Vote


Make your Vote count

Vote Slogans-6


Vote for the best. Forget the rest


The Ballot is stronger than the Bullet


The real power is Vote


Vote for the future now


Time for change, VOTE


Hope for tomorrow. Vote for tomorrow


A vote for me is a vote for you


Vote for New leadership


Vote for your Children and for better future


Keep calm and Vote for _______


I don’t want all your Vote, Just yours. Vote for _______


VOTE, it can take you ahead


Cool people Vote always


No option other than Voting


Go & cast your Vote


Vote, show your power


It’s time for progress


The change we need


I win you win


The responsible choice


Impress us! Go Vote


Hope for change, Vote for _______


You’ll flip for _______


Your mind says no, but your heart says yes


Don’t forget, its Election Day


Vote for Change!


Your country needs YOU!!!


Tell them that voting is their right


VOTE for whatever floats your boat


Give those statisticians something to talk about, vote


Vote because it’s the American thing to do.


It’s good to vote, In America!


Rock the vote, yes rock the vote baby


Your Vote Counts


Don’t feel fear, Election Day is here


Don’t worry, today is judgment day


Vote Vote for your man if he can’t do it no one can! Really!


VOTE I shouldn’t have to tell you why


Kick the rats before they kick you, get up and vote


Your vote is your future


If you’re going to drink, don’t vote


Vote as if it matters


Go on your way but Vote today


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