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25 Funny Student Campaign Slogans



Below are the 25 Funny Student Campaign Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Vote for me, otherwise I’ll lose again

Vote for_______ who could do a better job? Probably Abraham Lincoln but it is not 1860

Life is short therefore Vote for_______

Waste your Vote on me

Vote me or Go home

Don’t be shy, close your eyes and try

Shut up & Vote for _____

Why would you not vote for_______?

Choosers can choose wisely

Vote for _____ or go to Hell

Nobody is perfect and I am nobody so Vote for_______

Keep calm and vote for_______

Vote for your dream, Vote for me

I can talk the talk, Vote for________

My Vote for Hot Girl

It will be ruff if_______ isn’t President

I Mustache U to Vote 4________

Don’t be idiot, vote for  _____

Dodge the bullet and Vote for________

_____ can take you to the skies

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for________

Everyone says, ________ for President

I promise, I’ll do my best, I’ll never stop to take a rest

Vote for________, a busy bee!


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