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50 Catchy Retirement Slogans



Below are the 50 Catchy Retirement Slogans. Share them with your friends. 


I’m retired, Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!

The legend has retired

And so the adventure begins

I’m retired, do it yourself

Yes! Retired & Loving it!

Retired, now the fun begins!

Retirement, a time for new beginnings

Keep calm, I’m retired now

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life

Retired, not expired

Life begins at retirement!

Who cares, I’m retired

Retired, Young at heart, slighlty older in other places

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I made it! I retired!

Retired life is seven day weekends!

I’m retired, you’re not, have fun at work tomorrow

I’m retired, Stop asking me to do stuff!

Retired, Now I’m the boss

I’m retired, go around me

I don’t always enjoy being retired, Oh Wait, Yes I do

Keep calm & Retire On

Keep calm & Enjoy retirement

Keep calm & find someone else, I’m retired

Retired, No Phone! No Fax! No Stress! No Worries

Shut Up & Do it Yourself, I’m retired

I’m retired, Don’t ask me to do a damn thing!

Keep calm, I’m retired NOW

Whatever….. I’m retired

I’m retired & I rock!

I’m happy cause I’m retired

I’m retired, fishing is my job

I’m retired, everyday is MONDAY

I’m re-tired, so I’m taking a Nap

Relax, I’am retired

Retired feels good

Feeling good in retirementhood

Retired, the best is yet to come

Retired from work not from life

Life begins at retirement

Retirement: Say no to tension and say yes to pension

No need of alarm clock after retirement

Do what you want and when you want

Retirement is the day when you stop working and start living

Retirement, this is it!

Retirement Nonstop

Retirement, the way of life

Retirement is the best!

Retirement, a big coffee break

Retirement, here I come

After retirement, you’ll never get a day off


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