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17 Creative Money Slogans & Sayings

Below are the 17 Creative Money Slogans & Sayings to show the importance of money in our daily lives. Share them with your friends.


Trust GOD not money

All you need is money

You can’t live without it

It’s all about money

Everyone dies for money

He who has the money makes the rules

There are many things other than money that can make you rich

Money – The more you have, the more you need

Money makes money – A bitter truth

Money can buy things but not happiness

Money in pocket makes you feel good

Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant (P.T. Barnum)

Loved & wanted by all – The money

Work to get it, it doesn’t grow on trees

Being broke is no joke

Out of money experience is the worst experience

A rich man is a poor man with money


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