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60 Best School Board Campaign Slogans and Catchy Ideas

In this post you will find 60 Best School Board Campaign Slogans and Catchy Slogans Ideas.


School Board Campaign Slogans


With _____ on board, you won’t be ignored

Working for a Better Classroom

A Better School for A Better Tomorrow

Putting Students First

A Passion for Education

Strong on Education

Stop Violence in Our Schools


Best School Board Campaign Slogans


Your Voice. Your Vote.

Restore our School District

Building for the Future

Breaking Barriers, Building Futures

Building Our Future Together

Building Hope and Building Futures

We Can Be the Best

A Leader Who Listens

Change Is Here

Vote for tomorrow

Dedication Is What We Need

Working Hard for Our Children

If you want success than vote for the best

Education Is Key

Don’t settle for less. Vote for _____, she’s the best

For Our Children’s Tomorrow, Elect Me Today

Cast your ballot, have you heard? Leigh for ______________, spread the word.

If You Have Doubt, Come Find Out What I’m All About!

If not for me, do it for the little puppy

Let’s Get Things Done!


Catchy School Board Campaign Slogans


Don’t abandon us – we are the future – we are the hope

Make A Good Decision. Vote for The One with Vision

A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote__________ to Represent You!

Making Our Schools Great

Let’s be civilized. Vote __________

New Vision. New Direction

Vote Smart, Vote For __________

Putting Students First

Don’t settle for less, Vote for (Name), she’s the best

Refuse to Be Ordinary

A vote for________ is a vote for you!

Someone You Can Believe In

Don’t rock the boat. Vote for incumbent _________

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Choose_________, get action!

The Choice for Change

No power to make a change, but least I’m honest!

Their Education, Their Life, Their School. Their Time Is Now!

If you vote for (Name), school will be better than well!

There’s No Competition. Vote for Me.

Vote for__________, she’s on the scene!

Tomorrow Is Looking Great

Vote (Name), so nice, not mean!

Vote for The Best, Forget the Rest

(Name) will fulfill your dreams!

Vote for The Man with A Plan

Vote_______, she’s on your team!

School Board Campaign Slogans

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