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70 Catchy High School Campaign Slogans & Creative Ideas

In this post you will find 70 Catchy High School Campaign Slogans, High School President Campaign Slogans, Funny High School Campaign Slogans and Campaign Slogans for High School Elections.


High School Campaign Slogans


Made you LOOK! Vote for (Insert Your Name)

Look who’s voting for (Your Name) (poster with mirror on it)

The language of complaint starts with them. The language of solutions starts with I

This little piggy chose (Insert Your Name)

You mean you DID NOT vote for (Insert Your Name)?

(Your Name) – the ‘write’ choice for secretary

Keep calm and vote _______

Like baseball? Throw your vote to (Your Name)

When put to the test, I will be the best – Vote (Your Name) for Treasurer

Your powers are not in your strengths but in how you use your strengths

Why is Grumpy cat so grumpy? He did not vote for (Insert Your Name)

We don’t just learn the rules, we make the rules

Wanted (Insert Your Name) for Secretary

You want something done, (Your Name) the one!

Vote (Your Name)! Just Do it

Vote for _______, She brushes her teeth!

If You are reading this, vote for ________

Keep cool with _______

Action born and bred

Don’t be late, Vote for _______

Solutions for student council

Don’t trash your vote – Choose (Insert Your Name)

You won’t be sad when you vote for________

I’m the missing Piece, vote for me (Your Name)

Take a stand! The results will be grand!

I’m not asking you to vote for me. I’m just asking you to tick the box next to my name – (Insert Your Name)

Treasure this treasurer!

Vote for (Insert Your Name) for VP – Thor has spoken

I’ll pass this school to the top–vote for me

Morning to do list: Brush Teeth, Make Bed, Get Ready for the day, Vote for (Insert Your Name)

If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true

Vote for (Insert Your Name)! Abraham Lincoln could probably have done a better job, but he is a little indisposed for now

If you want to be cool, and be at the best school, Vote for (Name) and make sure he rules!


High School President Campaign Slogans


Mirror on the Wall. Who is the best Vote for them all? (Your Name) for President!

I don’t run very often, but when I do, it’s for PRESIDENT – (Insert Your Name) for President

I mustache you a question – Will you vote for me? (Insert Your Name) for President

Bright Idea – Vote (Your Name) for Class President

For a female – Vote for me – I’ll Go All the Way

It shouldn’t be too hard, vote for________

The only public part of the success story is the last act

If you always succeed, you are overqualified for your job

Optimism does not say the bad won’t happen. It says you can cope with it

Keep calm and vote_______

Once you hear a lecture on swimming, you never forget what you learned about lectures


Funny High School Campaign Slogans


Don’t be silly. Vote for ______

School sucks, your president shouldn’t

Vote for _______ She has two hands

Straight talk from _______

Vote for________, she brushes her teeth!

U mean you didn’t vote for________

Elect a dynamic leader who will work hard on your behalf. Or vote for Pete

You want something done ______ is the one!

I know this might be cheesy but voting for _________ is really easy!


Campaign Slogans for High School Elections


Change you can believe in

I hope I can count on your vote

Every problem is an opportunity being mishandled

Will you please vote for me?


Even God can’t please everybody

Quality in government

Choose the _______. Choose the right


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