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300 School Slogan Ideas & Back To School Slogans for Promotion



In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 77+ School slogans & taglines being used by existing Schools from all around the world.

Schools use slogans to distinguish themselves from their competitors and to give people a strong reason to choose their School over others.

We have also shared Primary School slogans, High School Slogans, Slogans for School Students, Elementary School Slogans, Art School Slogans, Business School Slogans, School Attendance Slogans & Respect in School Slogans for your inspiration to create a slogan for your own School.


Latest School Slogans

  • Dream of a successful life, Dream school
  • Work together to accomplish more
  • Open the book to life
  • A Family of Learning
  • A Great Place for Education
  • Your dreams are tied with a key, School unlocks it
  • A Great Place to Be
  • A Tradition of Excellence
  • Much, not many (quality not quantity)
  • A Tradition of Pride
  • The Way to Stop Thinking for Yourself!
  • Be happy, be energetic, be You, Think school
  • Academy Attitude Positive Attitude
  • An honest heart is a kingdom in itself
  • Achieving Excellence Together
  • We teach, you learn, the world benefits!
  • Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference
  • I strive for the best
  • Be a reader, be a writer, be a problem solver
  • Education Is the Fruit of All Knowledge
  • Through thorns into the sky
  • Making lives better
  • School is Cool
  • Leave School, You’re a Fool!
  • Train Your Brain, Don’t Be Lame
  • Aim for A Victory!
  • Charge Up for a Victory!
  • Schools for me
  • We listen, think, look up, present well
  • Knowledge – Learn to Love it
  • A Quality School
  • Hard Work = A Life Time Career
  • Learn well today, live well tomorrow!
  • At ___________ School, we are a family of learners
  • Get your gold now before all is gone!
  • Sparkle with gold!
  • We put the Public in school
  • The best of the best
  • At school, we build futures
  • Responsibility over rights
  • Turn your armature mind into something




Slogans for School Students

  • Succeed in school, succeed in life
  • Go to school or you’ll end up like me
  • Explode Your Spirit!
  • School is cool, don’t change the rules
  • A Partnership in Discovery
  • Be nice, Work hard
  • without school, your so uncool
  • Be safe, Be kind, Be smart
  • Say no to drugs but school is a Must!
  • Bringing Excellence to Students
  • Yes, to school, NO to fools
  • We Want Action on that Field!
  • Today’s students are the future of tomorrow
  • Don’t pause, don’t wait, help your classmate
  • Study hard, make the grade, don’t let your opportunities fade
  • Studying hard is time well spent, study hard so you don’t repent



Elementary School Slogans

  • Greatest Kids in America
  • Be young, have fun, learn at school
  • Want more, I want school
  • A Great Place to Learn
  • Children First
  • We care, we share, For the future we prepare
  • I’m ready, I go to school
  • Building A Better World One Student at A Time
  • learning rules, get it at school
  • Building community by honoring all traditions
  • Centers for Excellence
  • Want to be a star, shine at school
  • Committed to Excellence in Education
  • Reaching for the Stars
  • Committed to Lifelong Learning in A Caring Environment
  • Find a buddy to help you study
  • Creating a community of learners
  • Let’s be all that we can be with a great education for you and me
  • Creating Our Children’s Future




Primary School Slogans

  • Excellence through learning
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • School, just do it
  • Developing caring learners who are actively growing and achieving
  • School is my sport
  • Educating for human greatness
  • life’s cool in school
  • Educating Students for Success in A Changing World
  • School: living cool
  • Next stop!  School
  • Education Is Our Business
  • School: the smart choice
  • Enabling Our Students to Learn
  • School Means Brain Exercises
  • Every student matters, every moment counts
  • Can’t hide our pride
  • Everyone a learner everyday



High School Slogans

  • ________ The best in everyone (High School Name)
  • Everyone Is an Achiever
  • Awesome is our name! Learning is our game!
  • Everyone Successful Everyday
  • The beating will continue until moral improves
  • Expect Success
  • Enter to learn —- Leave to serve
  • Expect the Best
  • Fear Our Power!
  • Gather to learn
  • Learn globally, graze locally
  • Hand in Hand We Learn
  • Take it to the Limit!
  • Home of Quality Schools
  • We are the next generation! What we learn, Is our creation!
  • Hooked on Learning
  • The world is in front of you, all you have to do is reach it
  • We are the Best!
  • You Can Do It!!
  • Don’t Mess with The Best!
  • Hooked on learning. Oh, and also crack
  • We teach your kids so you don’t have to
  • Knowledge expands your horizons
  • A Building with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside
  • A high achieving multicultural community for learning




Business School Slogans

  • The business school for the world
  • Leading through innovation
  • Lift your career beyond expectations
  • Turn Your Brainpower Into $$$
  • A better place to think about business
  • Get plugged in to the world
  • We have the degree that works… For business!
  • The more you know, the more you dare
  • Business in a whole new light
  • In the world, for the world.
  • A great place to learn.



Art School Slogans

  • (School’s name here) Where creativity is all
  • Art is choice
  • Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature
  • The arts is what connects us all
  • Art imitates nature
  • Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere
  • Life without Fine Arts is an erosion–a numbing–of the soul
  • Art is either plagiarism or revolution
  • All art requires courage
  • Art is timeless
  • Nature is the art of God
  • Art is only truth
  • The house of change
  • Art for art’s sake
  • Art is power
  • The arts, it’s what scientists do in their spare time



School Attendance Slogans

  • Don’t be a fool, come to school
  • Those who come to school, are smart and cool
  • Don’t Be A Fool, Stay in School
  • Everyday Counts
  • Don’t let your education slip away, Come to school everyday
  • Unless you’re really sick, come to school quick
  • Don’t complain, don’t whine, always come to school on time
  • Missing school = Missing out
  • It Ain’t Cool, With No School
  • No need to debate, go to school, don’t be late
  • You’ll never know what you missed unless you show up!




Respect in School Slogans

  • Sharing is Caring
  • Respect others and they’ll respect you
  • Respect me, and I’ll respect you
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Respect is the key that opens the door to Kindness
  • You’re only a bully, if you’re a bully towards yourself
  • Respect the disrespected
  • Respect everyone around you, because you don’t know when they will disappear
  • Live and let live
  • Respect is the key that opens the door to Kindness
  • Forgive wrong
  • Treat everyone nice


Funny School Slogans You’ll Love

  • It is not Cheating it’s a team work
  • Copy from many is a smart work
  • Teachers call it cheating we call it hard work
  • CLASS – come late and start seeing girls
  • I am always present in school but not my mind
  • I don’t know what is X in math
  • It’s not cheating, it’s a Hard work
  • 5 out of 4 people don’t understand fractions
  • M.A.T.H.S: Mental attack to healthy students
  • Science causes all kinds of reactions
  • M.A.T.H.S =Mentally affected teachers harassing students


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School Advertisement Slogans

  • Every Person, Every Opportunity, Every Chance
  • Aiming for excellence
  • Linking Learning to life
  • Excellence, Respect, Integrity
  • At ___________ School, we are a family of learners
  • Inspiring Excellence, Building Character
  • Dedicated to excellence since. (Date of School Foundation)
  • Much, not many (quality not quantity)
  • Inspiring children for exciting futures
  • Your dreams are tied with a key, Our School unlocks it


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Back To School Slogans

  • It’s that time of year again
  • Back to school and lookin cool
  • How fast summer passes, we’re back to our classes
  • New class, Fresh faces, a new year embraces
  • Knowledge is tasty!
  • Let’s give a big cheer for a new school year!
  • Eat your words!
  • Time to shed a tear, back to school is here
  • Back to school and looking Cool
  • A Partnership in Discovery


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School Spirit Slogans

  • If you can hear it, it’s the class of ______ Spirit
  • Can’t hide our pride
  • Succeed forever
  • A bright future begins here
  • Ambition of the young
  • Accelerating into the future
  • A Partnership in Discovery
  • Believe and succeed
  • Be nice, Work hard
  • Best foot forward


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Frequently Asked Questions about School Slogans


What is the best slogan for school?

Following are the best slogans for school

  1. School is Cool
  2. Academics rock!
  3. Learning rules!
  4. A Quality School
  5. Learn well today!
  6. Embrace learning.
  7. Aim for A Victory!
  8. Shine on students!
  9. Sparkle with gold!
  10. A place to be you!

What is the slogan for improving education?

Here are the slogans for improving education

  1. Let your imagination run wild.
  2. Be a part of amazing learning.
  3. Keep calm and meet new friends.
  4. Learn something cool every day.
  5. Strive to be amazing this year!
  6. Building a community of learners
  7. Let’s start learning together!
  8. Work together to accomplish more
  9. Let’s get back to your future.
  10. Welcome back to your second home.

How do I create a school slogan?

Creating a school slogan is a challenging task but not impossible. You just need to follow a few steps:

Identify the mission and vision of the school.
Define the learning environment for students.
Keep the slogan simple, catchy and short
Lastly, Inspiring slogans achieve positive feedback.

What is a short slogan for a school?

  1. Quality education right here.
  2. Achieving Excellence Together
  3. You’re always welcome here.
  4. It’s back to classes again!
  5. Hard Work = A Life Time Career
  6. It’s great to have you back.
  7. You’re going to love school.
  8. It’s time for some learning.
  9. Let the fun in learning begin!
  10. School is a great place to be.


What is a school slogan?

  1. Committed to excellence in education
  2. It is not cheating it’s a teamwork
  3. A classical education for the future
  4. Say no to drugs but school is a must!
  5. Preparing children for success in life
  6. Inspiring excellence, building character
  7. Education in continuing a proud tradition
  8. Working together to be the best we can be
  9. Every student matters, every moment counts
  10. Our school is the best, better than the rest



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