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Education Slogans

34 Funny School Slogans

Here is a list of 34 Funny School Slogans which will make you laugh. Share them with your friends.

  • It is not Cheating it’s a team work

  • Copy from many is a smart work

  • I am always present in school but not my mind

funny school slogans-I am always present in school but not my mind

  • I don’t know what is X in math

  • It’s not cheating, it’s a Hard work

  • Dear math grow up and solve your Problems

funny school slogans-Dear math grow up and solve your Problems

  • Pretending to concentrate in class so the teacher won’t ask you a question

  • I don’t know the answer. That’s why my hand isn’t raised

  • Everything is funnier when you’re not allowed to laugh

  • Keep calm & say no to school

  • Homework because 7 hours of school wasn’t enough

  • Math has serious problems

  • Life’s too short to go to school

funny school slogans-Life’s too short to go to school

  • 3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions

  • School kills

  • Happiness is your last exam paper

  • Dear math, I’m not a therapist, solve your own problems

  • Keep calm & bunk from school

  • I hate math but I love counting money

  • Rule of math, if it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong

  • Without school it’s really hard to know what day it is

  • Cool people don’t need to go to school

  • My favorite Subject in school is nothing

  • School: Seven crappy hours of our life

  • Math, mental abuse to humans

  • High school looks so much cooler on TV

  • Fuck Math

  • I know it really sucks, my school is horrible

  • Come Late and Start Sleep (CLASS)

  • Math is hard & dumb

  • Stop! School ahead

  • Teacher I don’t understand what are u saying?

  • Say no to back to school

  • I’m 35% funny & 75% bad at Math