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26 Best Homecoming Campaign Slogans

Below are the 26 Best Homecoming Campaign Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Cast your ballot, Have you heard? _________for queen

Vote for me 4 homecoming Queen

homecoming campaign slogans-Vote for me 4 homecoming Queen

Vote for _______, She’s First Rate

Free drinks on me!

King of the Jungle says:________ is the best choice

homecoming campaign slogans-King of the Jungle says________ is the best choice

Victoria’s real secret, she Vote for________

Keep calm and Vote me for homecoming Queen

Some people are Worth Voting for

homecoming campaign slogans-Some people are Worth Voting for

I promise I will complete your dreams

We can do it!

homecoming campaign slogans-We can do it!

The Homecoming Queen to make us PROUD!

________ for homecoming king, spread the word

_______is the one who’ll make you proud

Vote for _______ who is so sweet

Don’t be Confused, vote for _______for homecoming queen

homecoming campaign slogans-Don’t be Confused, vote for _______for homecoming queen

Let your votes be counted. Vote for _______for Homecoming Queen

We’ll vote for________ and so should you!

I will burst with excitement if you Vote for me

Maybe she’s born with It, Maybe It’s Royalty – Vote for________

I am for homecoming queen but I never act like princes

_______ is the best homecoming queen you can find ever

Love your wife and vote _____ for homecoming queen

Just vote 4 _____ 4 homecoming queen

When in doubt, Vote _____

Let the good times roar! Homecoming 2015

Eat Sleep & Vote _____ for homecoming queen


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