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37 Best Class Representative Slogans

Below are the 37 Best Class Representative Slogans. Share them with your friends.


I respect your choice for class Representative

Your class representative should be smart. Vote for ______

Hands down, Vote for ______

Be bright, Vote for who’s right

Vote for your Class

I will represent well

I win – You win

Vote ______ to Represent You!

Our Class representative is like our teacher

We give you Vote, you give us power

Don’t trash your Vote, chose good to represent you

She’s the best to represent this class

Vote for me to represent

Keep calm and vote for ________

For better representation, voting for me is an Examination

Vote for the best – forget the rest

_______ I want you to represent us

You know I am the best for class

You’ll flip for _______

Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

Don’t be shy, Vote for _____

Keep cool with _______

Be smart & Vote for _____

I want you to vote for _____

Don’t keep calm, vote for _____

_____’s the one who is best for our class

Mom says, vote for _____

Be the best & Vote for _____

Go & Vote for _____

_____ is the best choice for class representative

It’s time to Vote for _____

Hurry up, Vote for _____

I vote for _____ & I’m proud of it

Only cool people will vote for _____

Born to lead a class

Don’t think, just vote for _____

I’m here for your class

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