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35 Funny School Campaign Slogans

Below are the 35 Funny School Campaign Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Vote for me, otherwise I’ll lose again

funny school campaign slogans-Vote for me, otherwise I’ll lose again

  • Hey girls, I want you to Vote for _______

  • Don’t tell me, if you are not Voting for me

funny school campaign slogans-Don’t tell me, if you are not Voting for me

  • Don’t be shy, close your eyes and try

  • Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

  • Why wouldn’t you vote for _______?

  • Have no fear, _______ is here to make it a great year

  • Don’t waste your Vote, Vote for ________

funny school campaign slogans-Don’t waste your Vote, Vote for ________

  • You’ll flip for _______

  • Vote for _______ Real deal!!

  • I like the way you think

  • Don’t trash your vote, Vote _______

  • You mean you didn’t vote for _______

  • If you make your wet dreams come true, Vote _______

  • At least, I am not fake

  •  _______ born for good deeds

  • Vote for change or change me

  • I’ll bring more peace

  • Deep hugs for Vote

  • If girls want my kiss, vote for _______

  • Mom says vote for _______

  • Vote me or go home

  • Vote for the best, leave the rest

  • Vote is nothing – Your trust is everything

  • Vote for work

  • Before cry vote for _______

  • If I won, I’ll give you a party

  • Walk tall and Vote for _______

  • Born to lead

  • Don’t repeat your mistake

  • Vote for _______ to get things done

  •  _______ is cool for vote

  • It’s the time for change

  • Hey peeps Vote for _______

  • Shut up & Vote for _____