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50 Catchy Treasurer Campaign Slogans



Below are the 50 Catchy Treasurer Campaign Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Business is my game so Vote for _______

Treasurer Campaign Slogans-1

Show me the money! _________ for treasurer

Treasurer Campaign Slogans-2

Make your vote for treasurer count. Vote for _________

Voting _____ for treasurer is the wise choice

Treasurer Campaign Slogans-3

Count on someone who can count!

Treasurer Campaign Slogans-4

Bank on me. I will treasure your vote

I am good in counting so remember my name ________

Gotta Lotta Student Council. Get _________

Count on someone who can count. ________ for Treasurer

I don’t hear the Voices. I am the Voice. Vote for ________

A vote works wonders. Vote for _________

Don’t be stressed, Vote for the best _______

Treasurer Campaign Slogans-5

Please go on & Vote for me

_________ is my Name, counting is my game!

Vote ________ for Treasurer. It just makes cents

Have no fear, let’s vote for _________this year!

Keep Your Money in Safe Hands, Vote for _________

Vote ________ for class treasurer. Count on ME!

Cents you asked. Yes! Vote for _______for Treasurer

Vote for ________, your treasurer for 3rd Grade

Vote for _________ because you’re worth it

Vote for ________ is a Vote for GOOD

For success Vote the best

Make it better! Vote for _________

Like a good neighbor ________ is there

_________ stands for Excellence

Improve your school, pick _________ as treasurer

Get fresh treasures from a freshman. Vote for _________

Choose a Treasurer 4 a change

Vote for ________, he’s smart and tricky!

Eat, sleep and Vote for ______

No doubt on _______ skills

123 Vote for me

I want you to Vote for _______ (Facebook status and also tweet)

If you want things done, Vote ________for class treasure

It’s your choice if you want to save your money

Don’t waste your Vote only Vote ________ for class treasurer

Free to vote _______ for class treasurer

Let me treasure you!

Keep Calm and Vote _______ for Treasurer

My name is ______ and I’m here to serve you. Vote for me

Don’t pick your nose. Pick _________ for treasurer

I will care your $Bucks

Problem is nothing for me, I have solution for every problem

I don’t want all your Vote, Just yours. Vote for _______

Let your voice be heard. Vote for _______

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for _______

You mean you didn’t Vote for me?

I don’t always Vote but when I do it’s for _______

Hope for change, Vote for _______


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