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40 Great Secretary Campaign Slogans

Below are the 40 Great Secretary Campaign Slogans. Share them with your friends. 


The Write choice for secretary

Keep calm and Vote _______for secretary

Paws and vote for________

I can complete your dreams if you give me your Vote

The girl with the smile, Vote for________

I win you Win. I’m voting for ________ and so should you!

Vote for best, forget the rest

Just do it. Vote for _____

Making the world better since 2000 ______

Vote for the fresh blood

I AM the voice of students. Vote for________

A Vote for_______ is a Vote for school

_____ stands for us

Everyone says, _____ for Secretary

_____ Born to lead.

Choose a leader 4 a change

Let me serve you. Vote _____

Don’t be stressed, Vote for the best _______

Better together

Eat, sleep and Vote for ______

Work hard, Play hard and Vote for ________

I know the responsibilities of secretary

Our secretary is our queen

Be a Smartie, Vote for _______

I’m the best, you all stuck, _______ for secretary

I respect your choice

You’ll flip for _______

Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

Hope for change, Vote for _______

I want you to Vote for _______ (Facebook status and also tweet)

Hey girls I want you to Vote for _______

You mean you didn’t Vote for me?

I don’t always Vote but when I do it’s for _______

Be Bright Vote for the right

Just Do it. [Vote for _______]

Don’t be shy, Vote for me

Lincoln’s real secret: she votes for _______

Let your voice be heard. Vote for _______

Keep calm and Vote for _______

I don’t want all your Vote. Just yours Vote for _______


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