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65 Catchy Anti Bullying Slogans for Kids

In this post you will find 65 Catchy Anti Bullying Slogans for Kids


The Best Anti Bullying Slogans for Kids


Life without bullies can be sweet!

Help others be bully free

Go and say no to bullying

Words really do hurt

All bullies are not educated

Bullies are heartless

A bully has no good friends

Don’t walk away from a bully — Run!

Don’t feed the Bully!

Bullying Is the Lock, You Be the Key

The only way to defeat a bully is by reporting him to the proper authorities

Who wants a bully for a friend?

Give a Helping Hand – Gets others to help the victim

Bullies Are Not Cool, They Are Just Cruel

Bullying should stop

Stop Bullying. Hug me instead.

You Don’t Have to Fight, Just Be Polite!

A bully-free environment creates a better atmosphere

Bullies are like monsters, they prey on others

Let Us All Cheer, Bullying Is Not Accepted Here

Only Matadors Like Bullies

Do you realize how much YOU hurt?

There’s another bully bigger than the bully that is bothering you

Don’t be a bully, you could be next

Bullying. Kick the Habit!

A good society has no place for a good bully

Bullying isn’t cool

Jesus Wasn’t a Bully

Pope Francis Isn’t a Bully

Don’t be Pushed, Be Tough

Mohammed Wasn’t a Bully

Buddha Wasn’t A Bully

Step Up So Others Don’t Get Stepped On

Bullies Are Not Cool, They Are Just Cruel

Cool to Care

Love, Not war

Bullying Is Bad, It Makes Others Feel Sad

If you ignore it they will think it is okay

No more innocent children need to suffer from bullies

I have NO tolerance for a bully!

A scared dog is a bully

Bullies Are Cowards Inside

Unhappy dog is a bully

Bullies don’t get paid to be cruel. They do it for free

A bully makes life a bitter pill to swallow

bullies can make you feel so alone and unwanted

A dog is brave only inside its fence

Bullies are tough, until they go to jail and wail like babies


Anti Bullying Slogans for Kids That Rhyme


Be Smart, Don’t Start

Bullies are Foolies

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

Boo to bullying

Keep in Mind, To Be Kind

Live and Let Live!

Niceness Is Priceless

Stop Bullying, Speak Up

See it. Stop it.

Use Your Brain, Being A Bully Won’t Gain

Make the Grade, Join the Anti-Bully Crusade


Anti Bullying Poster Slogans for Kids


Bully-Free, The Way to Be!

Bullies target those unlike them

Bullies aren’t crazy, they’re insane!

Ignore Bullies and They Will Go Away!

Bullies are not friends. They try to destroy you in the end.

If your friend is a bully, bad news, you’re next

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