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Education Slogans

Slogans on Education

  1. Education is the most powerful tool to change the world
  2. Knowledge is Power
  3. Knowledge for life
  4. Don’t hate, educate!
  5. Education is a right
  6. Education transforms lives
  7. Education, a vaccine for violence
  8. Live, learn, grow
  9. Education first
  10. Education is the key
  11. Education investment goes a long way!
  12. Education is an investment not an expense
  13. Education is the cornerstone to all growth
  14. Education Brings Prosperity
  15. Education – Your Door To The Future
  16. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance
  17. Learn today – Lead tomorrow
  18. Free education for all
  19. Only the educated are free
  20.  Education is bitter but the fruit is sweet
  21.  Every child yearns to learn
  22. Learn today for a better tomorrow
  23. No child should be left behind
  24. Education, a ray of light
  25. Only the educated are free
  26. Education for all
  27. Equal education for everyone
  28. Education is the only way out of poverty
  29. Education is an instrument of social change
  30. Education is power
  31. Education is the light of life
  32. Education can transform a nation
  33. We don’t need no education
  34. Education is life, it changes everything
  35. Education is a human right
  36. Zero tolerance for ignorance, education is the answer!
  37. Education for the masses
  38. Education is the only solution
  39. Education empowers you
  40. Future belongs to educated people
  41. Education takes you from darkness to light
  42. Education is light
  43. Education matters
  44. Just say no to No Education
  45. Keep calm & Get Educated
  46. Education is the answer

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